Essential Seven Women Who Should Be On Your Freebie List! 2011 Edition


In 2009, I wrote an Essential Seven List based on the episode of Friends entitled “The One With Frank Jr.” In the episode, Ross created a freebie list; celebrities they can sleep with, without your wife or girlfriend getting upset. No consequences! A majority of the episode focused on Ross deciding who should be on his list.

Now two years later, because we are guys, we need to update that list. Ross had his list laminated not allowing it to change. We say its important to update the list.

We also want to stress: There is absolutely no condition where we would touch anyone other than our wife / girlfriend and we are disgusted at the concept. Having indemnified ourselves here is who we would bang:

7) Lyndsy Fonseca

You may be asking yourself, “who is Lyndsy Fonseca?” If you have seen Kick Ass then you know she played Kick Ass’s love interest Katie. She was also in Hot Tub Time Machine, and plays Ted’s future daughter on How I Met Your Mother. If you haven’t seen any of these, then I recommend you do.

6) Amy Adams

We have had a crush on Amy Adams for a while now. She’s super cute. Who wouldn’t fall for Amy just based on the trailer for The Muppets. She is now on her way to “geek” stardom as Lois Lane in Zack Snyder’s The Man of Steel.

5) Kaley Cuoco

Kaley caught our eye in the 2002 when she starred with John Ritter on 8 Simple Rules. Now she is the neighbor and love interest on the Big Bang Theory. The fact that she falls for a nerd like Leonard, gives us all hope!

4) Emma Stone

Emma has been in a number of our favorite films over the past few years. Zombieland, Superbad, and Easy-A. Now the redhead is going to star as Gwen Stacy in the Spider-Man reboot. Which begs the question how come in the Spider-Man films they get redheads (Emma and Bryce Dallas Howard) to play Gwen and a blonde (Kristen Dunst) to play Mary Jane? Seems like a waste of hair dye.

3) Allison Brie

When Community premiered the “hot chick” was supposed to be the character of Britta. After two years it became clear to us the Allison was far superior in the looks and likability. Here is hoping for more bouncing in season 3.

2) Brooklyn Decker

Did anybody go see that Adam Sandler film Just Go With It because it looked funny? Nope? Neither did we. We did however do our IMDB research into who the big busty blonde was acting along side Jennifer Aniston. Turns out it was Brooklyn Decker fashion model turned actress.

1) Olivia Wilde

House fans know her as “13”, but Olivia has now gotten our attention from films like Tron: Legacy and Cowboys and Aliens which opens today. Olivia has now topped our Freebie list asking the question Megan Who?

If you do make a list, remember, don’t laminate it. As a guy your list will constantly be changing. Nobody wants a 50 year old actress on your list. Are we wrong with these suggestions? Are we just shallow?




Don’t answer that.

The Essential Seven is a weekly list of seven items that we at believe needs to be identified. Want our opinion on a topic for a future list? Email Lando Da Pimp. Don’t agree with our list? Then leave a comment. We will promise not to laugh at your dumb opinion! 😉

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