Essential Seven Words of Wisdom

Everybody looks for those words of wisdom to help you through life. People can get wisdom from parents, church, or that old guy Red in prison! I tend to find words of wisdom from the movies. That is why this week if you need to find guidance, put in a DVD and get the Essential Seven Words of Wisdom:

7)  The Last Dragon

“You have just opened a fortune cookie without a fortune, written by a master who does not exist, to find a solution to a problem whose answer you already know”

Bruce Leroy needs to find the Master to achieve the final level of martial arts mastery known as the glow. Needless to say the answer isn’t in a fortune cookie. “Hey my man how it look like?”

6) ELF

“First off, you see gum on the street, leave it there. It isn’t free candy. Second, there are, like, thirty Ray’s Pizzas. They all claim to be the original. But the real one’s on 11th. And if you see a sign that says “Peep Show”, that doesn’t mean that they’re letting you look at the new toys before Christmas.”

Buddy looks to Santa to give him some advice on how to survive the real world. It’s nothing like the North Pole. Buddy has to learn on his own that  the yellow cars don’t stop!

5) Ghostbusters

“Don’t Cross the Streams”

At the hotel Egon warns them not to cross the streams or they will cause total protonic reversal. In case you are a bit fuzzy on the scientific terms here is what might happen in english. “Imagine all life as you know it stopping instantaneously and every molecule in your body exploding at the speed of light. That’s bad.

4) The Karate Kid

“Man who catch fly with chopstick accomplish anything.”

Mr. Miyagi has been trying to catch a fly with chopsticks for a lifetime. After 2 minutes of trying Daniel manages to do it. Maybe Mr. Miyagi didn’t always know what he was talking about.

3) Star Wars

“Do, or do not. There is no try.”

Luke was really Yoda’s best chance at defeating Vader. How he put up with the whining I will never know. Luckily Yoda had more patience than me. After a failed attempt to lift the X-wing out of the swamp, Luke about gives up. Yoda then shows him how a “true” Jedi gets it done!

2) Star Trek

“The Needs of the Many outweigh the needs of the few”

Pure logic dictated that Spock was the only one who could save the Enterprise. His physique was the only one who could withstand the radiation. Kirk at first didn’t understand why Spock would sacrifice himself. It only occurred to him later that it was the most human thing Spock ever did.

1) Spider-Man

“With Great Powers Come Great Responsibility”

Uncle Ben had no idea that Peter had radioactive powers, but he did understand that you must be responsible for your actions no matter what you are capable of doing.

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