Essential Seven Worst Sci-fi Movie Deaths

Science Fiction fans are very passionate about the genre. A beloved characters death can turn away hardcore fans if its not done right. If the writers and directors craft a good story then a death of a character will be accepted by fans. However, movie studios are greedy. Sci-fi films are rushed through production to gain a quick profit. They ignore the storytelling throwing money towards big effects to help sell the film to the general audience. Big budget effects movie usually have a nice return, but limit the possibility of future sequels by ignoring the core audience who support it. Next week we will look at the good Sci-fi movie deaths. This week we look at the bad, the Essential Seven Worst Sci-fi Movie Deaths:

7) Data

I would have accepted Data’s death if it took place in a better film. Star Trek: Nemesis story idea was good. The execution wasn’t. Nemesis would have benefited with Patrick Stewart playing the roles of both Picard and Shinzon. Fans couldn’t believe that both characters were the same. When Picard beams over to stop Shinzon, Data “leaps” over to the Warbird to help. The android who always wanted to be human finally achieves his goal by sacrificing his life for Picards. The writers then decided to give the audience hope that Data is still alive in B4. This ruined the emotional mourning of Data’s death with the potential evolution Data’s memories into B4.

6) Greedo (Special Edition)

The original Greedo death would never have made this list. It wasn’t until Lucas ruined this classic scene that it now belongs on it. In the original scene Han knows that Greedo was sent to kill him. If he didn’t kill Greedo first he would have been a dead man. Lucas took away Han’s progression from an anti-hero to a hero by making Greedo shoot first.

5) Optimus Prime

Transformers 2 is a the perfect example of a film rushed into production. The result was a big giant mess. In the sequel, Michael Bay chose to kill off Optimus Prime, the only interesting Transformer. Bay has a funny way to show respect for the character. Prime’s body is moved by a helicopter, and instead of lowering it down slowly they drop him like he is a pile of junk! Even though this is the Michael Bay Transformers that is still Optimus Prime! Show some respect!

4) Dumbledore

Before you start sending me hate mail on this one hear me out. Dumbledore’s death was a huge moment in the books. As sad as I was to see it happen it ties in nicely with the seventh book. The film adaption doesn’t do it justice. The translation from page to screen didn’t have enough emotional impact. My biggest complaint about his death is we didn’t get to see his funeral. Yates, could have cut a bit of the romance from the film, and use that time to mourn Dumbledore properly.

3) Professor X

X-Men 3 ruined what could have been a great trilogy of films. Movie studios were so anxious to get the third film into theaters that they chose Brett Ratner to direct. This is the same guy who gave us Rush Hour. The biggest mistake the film makes is having Professor Xavier killed off fairly early in the film along with Cyclops (Did he ever do something in the films?) by Jean Grey / Dark Phoenix. Following the death of Charles Xavier the film just falls apart, ruining the franchise.

2) Boba Fett

Boba Fett the coolest bounty hunter in the galaxy was not given any dignity when he was killed off early in Return of the Jedi. Han accidentally activates Boba Fett’s rocket pack, sending the bounty hunter  into the sarlacc’s pit. His death was a “GIANT” wasted opportunity to actually show Boba Fett fight.

1) Captain Kirk

Arguably the greatest Star Trek captain of all time needs a glorious death scene. Falling from scaffolding is not the solution. Watching Star Trek Generations you feel that the film was rushed overlooking a number of loopholes. The story is never fully flushed out, and a proper way to kill off Kirk was just thrown away. In Star Trek V, Kirk proclaimed that he would die alone. I guess he was wrong. In my opinion the best way to kill Kirk would have been to allow him to go down with his ship on the bridge.

So how did we do? Any suggestions for next weeks list of best Sci-fi deaths?

The Essential Seven is a weekly list of seven items that we at believe needs to be identified. Want our opinion on a topic for a future list? Email Lando Da Pimp. Don’t agree with our list? Then leave a comment. We will try not to laugh at your dumb opinion! 😉

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