Essential Seven Worst Third Films in a Movie Trilogy

Movie sequels are never as good as the original. Rushed into production for a quick buck. Once in a while the second film proves this wrong, and is just as good or sometimes better! A third film is then expected to complete a movie trilogy. That’s when everything goes bad, ruined by the third film. Looking at all of the trilogy DVD box sets on my shelf, I identify the Essential Seven Worst Third Films in a Movie Trilogy:

7) The Bourne Ultimatum

I know I’m going to catch hell for this, but I found the third Bourne film to be a disappointment. The original Bourne film was so amazing. I loved the mystery of who he was, and the action was fantastic. By the time the third film arrived, it just felt like the same thing. Who is Jason Bourne? Where is he? Why is the film always shaking? All of these questions were still being asked. We got the answers, but by the third film the formula just got old. It’s not the worst third film so we will place it at number seven on the list.


6) Karate Kid 3

The first two Karate Kid films did a wonderful job of exploring the relationship between Daniel and Mr. Miyagi. Part one featured Daniel trusting Miyagi to help him with his bullying problem. In part two, Daniel helped Miyagi face his past. The third film completely ruined everything the first two films were about. In part 3, Daniel was more interested in defending his title. He no longer listened to Mr. Miyagi trusting a Cobra Kai.


5) Spider-Man 3

The first Spider-Man film was a great origin story that led to a great sequel with Spider-Man 2. So what went wrong with Spider-Man 3? You can point to many things. Too many villains, the weird inclusion of Gwen Stacy, and the sense that everything was crammed into this “last” film. However, the real reason this movie is so bad; the Peter Parker dancing sequence. The scene comes out of nowhere. It takes you out of the film, and when it’s over all you can say is WTF?

4) Alien 3

The biggest problems with Alien 3 was the killing of Hicks and Newt offscreen. Newt specifically was the reason Ripley sacrificed her life at the end of the film. By killing her off, they took away the entire point of the previous film. Alien 3 was a more personal story, focusing on Ripley’s relationship with the Xenomorphs. The better story would have seen the aliens find their way to earth for the final conclusion

3) Terminator 3

The biggest problem with Terminator 3 is that it is the same exact story as Terminator 2! Skynet sends an advanced prototype terminator to kill John Connor. The Resistance in response sends a reprogrammed Terminator to protect John Connor. The first thing the T-800 does is find dark glasses to wear at night, just like Corey Hart.


2) X-Men 3

X-Men 3 failed for one reason, the studio couldn’t wait for Bryan Singer to return. The studio, greedy for cash, hired Brett Ratner to continue where Singer left off. Ratner made a mess of things. He killed off Professor X, ruined the Phoenix story, and of course we still don’t have Sentinels!

1) Godfather 3

The Godfather III was released sixteen years after Part II, a huge amount of time. The film felt out of place with terrible performance by Sofia Coppola, outlandish plot, and a terrible ending.

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