Fisher-Price GeoTrax Christmas In ToyTown RC Train Set

At Christmas I put different Lionel trains to run around the Christmas Tree. This year the Polar Express is racing around the tree. My daughter loves watching the trains. She is only two years old and loves trains, but knows that she can’t touch. I decided that this year I would also put up a train she can play with.

A few months ago I got the Fisher-Price catalog and saw the new Toys R’ Us exclusive Fisher-Price GeoTrax Christmas in ToyTown set. I instantly knew that this would be the train for my daughter. Fisher-Price was happy to send me a set to review:


The Fisher-Price GeoTrax Christmas in ToyTown is the “Cadillac” of all GeoTrax sets. Loaded with lights as sounds triggered by buttons on the Easy-Rail Track. You can set up the track anyway you want. I started off with the “extended” figure eight design that is on the box. The layout allows the train to climb up an inclined track, over a bridge, down, and around. This track design isn’t the best option for around the tree, but you can customize the track any way you want.

What makes this set very different from the others is the accessories. The train starts off at the station that features a 3-faced clock tower, 2 gas & 2 street lights, and station windows that all light up. The station also plays a variety of sound effects and Christmas music that is triggered by the train as it rolls by, or a button that you can hit on the top of the roof. Christmas decor including wreaths, bows, and candy canes snap onto the guard rails, street lamps, the bridge, and the station. Signs to the North Pole can also be placed throughout the set.


As the train rolls out of the station it will trigger a number of additional track effects. Two street lights will turn on as the train travels by along with a skating rink that lights up. Traveling over the bridge triggers the lamp posts to light up and plays Christmas music.

The train is made up of the engine, tender, passenger car, and caboose. The cars light up with room for Santa at the front of the engine or at the back, on the caboose. The RC controller allows you to move the train forward and in reverse. Sound effects of the train starting and stopping play from the remote.


The GeoTrax Christmas in ToyTown set is a great for kids who love trains. I placed the set around another tree in a circle without the inclined track and kept it simple. Because all GeoTrax uses the same track they can work together with other GeoTrax sets. My biggest concern was the fifteen AAA batteries is uses. Luckily, the batteries are included! As a fan of trains I was happy to give my two year old her own train. She loves the set so much that she has left my Lionel trains alone!

You can purchase the GeoTrax Christmas in ToyTown set at

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