Glow in the Dark Aliens in slime

Glow in the dark Xenomorphs

I recently bought a display box of Diamond Select’s Glow-in-the-Dark Aliens on eBay. Each Xenomorph minifig comes blind packed in a plastic egg with glow in the dark slime. I couldn’t pass up the deal and I got a display box to boot! I was super psyched and couldn’t stop checking the online tracking. Once I got the set in my grubby little hands on the box, I started cracking open eggs, and I was heart broken.


The slime had dried up ages ago. It was solid, like dried rubber cement. I looked up some slime restoring tutorials on YouTube. None of the recommendations worked until I found the one that said to try microwaving the dried slime for 3 minutes, with enough water to cover the pieces. That worked wonderfully! The slime is back to its gooey self. Its solid enough to pick it up entirely out of its container, but gooey enough that’ll drip and ooze (in slow mo).


I fixed the slime issue, but now that I had dug out the 12 minifigures, I took stock of what I got. The box says there are six aliens to collect. The case comes with 12 eggs, so it stands to reason I’d have two of each, or in the least, one of each and three or four of another. Instead we got four Alien Queens. In fact we only got four different Aliens minifigures. Of all the luck.

Space Marines


We just so happen to have the DST Aliens vs Colonial Marines -Green Army Men set. That happens to have all the minifigures, so I know what we’re missing.

I need these two guys in Glow in the Dark

I am looking to trade. I have multiples of these for glow in the dark aliens. I would like to obtain just these two that I’m missing.

Ok, so now I have fixed my slime, I have a ton of glow in the dark to mess with. So let’s set up a huge battle.

Space Marines vs Xenomorphs

The slime is excellent for photographs. It’s hearty and it moves slow so I can take my time taking the photos as it drips and oozes along. I can get a healthy glow from it it too. I use a UV flashlight to charge it up for taking the photos. I just had to try it out on a few other toys before putting it away.


Heh heh, this looks great coming out of my vintage Masters of the Universe Slime Pit. It took awhile to get the slime to cover poor Man-E-Faces, but I had plenty of time to use a long exposure. Most of the illumination is from the slime itself. But what else can I use with my slime?


This is the jumbo sized Venkman playombil ghostbuster, and he looks great recently slimed. I went ahead and slimed the Mattel Ghostbuster’s Ray and Slimer, and that turned out pretty well too.

So if you happen to own several Diamond Select glow in the dark Aliens, that came in slime, and you have the two aliens I need, and are interested in trade or sale, hit me up. Also, if your slime dried up ages ago, don’t throw it away! You can bring it back to life.

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