Gotham City Five: Two-Face

As of late, Harvey Dent’s notoriety is rising. The Dark Knight was pretty damn popular to say the least. It’s no surprise Two-Face was repainted for the Gotham City 5 set.

Once Harvey Dent, District Attorney of Gotham City and an ally of Batman, he goes insane and becomes the crime boss Two-Face after the left half of his face is hideously disfigured; he chooses to bring about good or evil based upon the outcome of a coin flip.

Harvey’s in his classic orange/purple get-up. The figure was originally release in series 7 of DC Superheroes, but as that series was damn near impossible to find, Harvey’s inclusion in the set is welcome. The sculpt fits Two-Face perfectly, with exceptional work on his face. The Dent side of his face looks great as it should; before his accident, Harvey was voted most handsome man in Gotham multiple times, and the sculpt reflects that. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the scarred half is, well scarred, with wild, unkempt gray hair, a bulging eye and rotting green skin.

As mentioned earlier, Harvey was first released in his black/white duds. But sticking to Mattel’s “different but still same” policy, he’s been repainted in his older orange/purple getup. I personally prefer the black/white combo not only because of the better contrast, but black and white is how Harvey looks at life nowadays. It makes sense for his suit to look the same.

Moving on, the paint work is pretty nicely handled. Everything’s where it should be,the colors are the right shade, and the different types of plastic convey the same tone as each other, something which sometimes proves troublesome. This isn’t one of those times though, and it makes the figure look great.
One complaint I have about the paint, though? The damn pinstripes. In order to make Harvey look classier, Mattel gave him black (white on the previous release) pin striping on the purple side of his suitcoat. No complaints there, it actually look pretty cool, but they didn’t continue the stripes onto his pants. With some patience, a steady hand, and a thin tipped Sharpie, it can be fixed, but it shouldn’t have to be.

Dent also gets a good amount of articulation, with most of the same points as the other DCUC figures. He includes a double ball/socket head, ball-joint shoulders, swivel biceps, hinged elbows, swivel wrists, swivel waist, ball-joint hips, swivel thighs, hinged knees, and hinged ankles. The only point missing from the standard is a hinged torso, but to make that work would make the torso ugly as hell, so it’s a fair trade. The ankles don’t move very far either, but that’s to be expected with dress shoes.

The body has a very nice and simple sculpt to it, as well. It’s a guy in a suit, so he doesn’t need bulging muscles or anything like that, he just needs to look like a guy in a business suit, and Two-Face does that fairly well. The hunched pose that has plagued other uses of this body works well for Dent, helping him stand out on the shelf. A small difference between the black/white version and this re-release is a different left hand, from Clark Kent. It would help him hold his gun, if he had it.

And there lies my main complaint with Dent (and most of the set): no accessories. Mattel, what the hell? His hands look tailor fit for both the tommy gun included with the last figure, or a couple of pistols. Either would have been fine, both would have great. As is, however, the figure is a disappointment.
(The pistol seen in the photos is from an Ultimate Nick Fury figure, and if I find the other one, I’m definitely displaying him with them)

This really is a good figure, with great sculpt, paint and articulation. It’s good if you have the 2007 figure, or if you don’t. Either way, even without a gun to shoot, Harvey is a great inclusion in the set.

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