Grouplove at 9:30 Club in Washington DC


Grouplove sold out three nights in a row at Washington DC’s 9:30 Club. This was the second night, and the energy and group love could be felt from the stage and the audience. Hannah and Christian lead the charge; dancing, playing and singing for the whole set. Click below to see more.


I was pleased I got to hear Itchin’ on a Photograph while shooting in the pit, and they didn’t hold out to play their biggest hit Tongue Tied for the very end. It came near the end, but they had a 3 song encore after that. A photo of the setlist is below. Their second album Spreading Rumours was released only in September, but people were got excited at the opening chords to any of the songs. I was looking for Sean Gadd, but it seems he’s taking some time off and Dan Gleason from Manchester Orchestra is filling in on bass.


I shot Grouplove when they headlined the Downtown Countdown on New Year’s Eve a two years ago, and it was great seeing them in a club set-up with lights and a crowd packed full of fans. I had a hard time narrowing down which photos to include in the gallery below, I thought I had a high rate of “winners” this go round. If I do say so myself. This is mainly from the energy and engagement that they brought, even though this was the second night in the same city. Christian was ill just two or three days ago and had to cancel a Columbus show, but you couldn’t tell, his energy was on 11.

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