Guardians of the Galaxy on Blu-Ray and DVD

click to buy from AmazonGuardians of the Galaxy comes out tomorrow on Blu-Ray and DVD. I can’t tell who’s more excited, the people who saw it in theaters, finally bringing home the fun, or the people who haven’t seen it yet, but heard how awesome it was. I’ve given the disc a spin, and the film still hold the awe and humor that I experienced in the theater. I also enjoyed the bonus features found on this disc. You can pick up in stores starting tomorrow, or grab it from the link on Amazon. Click below for some clips.

The Film
I thought the movie was absolutely everything a movie should be. When I came out of the theater, I was excited. I was excited to tell people to go see it. I was excited to see it again. I appreciate fine art films and I appreciate big budget schlock, but regardless of the intellectual fulfillment, I want to feel like the time and money I invested in seeing a movie was worth it, and Guardians was… ten fold. There’s a really solid story and pace. Things keep moving and not once did I roll my eyes and get impatient for the next scene. There was organic humor that didn’t feel to fit a “time for a joke” mold, or come from a cliche’d pile of one-liners. The acting was great, but actually the depth of the characters was more important to me. This movie could have been a clunker even with great actors if the characters were flat and dull. That being said, the cast was terrific, and great writing doesn’t matter if you have vapid actors regurgitating your lines. Either way, I cared what happened to everyone on the screen. I was intrigued by Gamora’s story and was left guessing about her loyalty throughout the movie. I enjoyed Star Lord’s take on being a hero. I liked Drax’s devotion and stubborn humor. And, though completely CGI, both Groot and Rocket were as a part of this movie as anyone else.

Between the action, the humor, and the beautiful sci-fi visuals, this movie worked. It worked well. And it’s a crowd pleaser. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who didn’t really enjoy this movie. One thing is that almost no one was familiar with the comic line, so its not like you’re expected to know a bit of the history. It came out of nowhere and really entertained.

Bonus Features
I enjoyed all the bonus features. The deleted scenes were brief. They were funny, and I watched them ahead of time, so it got me all geared up to watch the actual movie the following night. I enjoyed hearing about all the thought and planning that went into the look and colors, and choices that were made for each environments. Guardians definitely had a signature look, and this helped me put a finger on it. The behind-the-scenes featurette about how they filmed the actors interacting with Rocket and Groot was funny too. The CGI was integrated so well, that several times I forgot they were added to the scenes months later. I also recommend the gag reel.

I long for the days when they used to include the trailer on the DVD. I guess that fell out of favor, but I love watching trailers. Here was the trailer for Guardians that had me sold. Check out the sneak peeks of the bonus footage below that, then swing by Amazon to pick this up now.

Here is one of the funny deleted scenes.

Here is director James Gunn’s take on the visual look.

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