Urban vinyl toy fans have far too long been unable to listen to their music through their toys.  That has now all changed thanks to Eran Weinberg you can listen to your favorite tunes blasting out of designs by MAD, Kozik, or you via DIY blanks.

These mini figures clock in around the same size as Kidrobot Dunnys.  They are made of plastic instead of soft vinyl, but have very much the same design feel.  The Modern Hero by MAD was a hot Dunny several months back, and the familiar Anarchy design by Frank Kozik will be immediately familiar to vinyl toy fans.


The hard plastic is a necessity to handle the electronics, but they would look great on your shelf with any vinyl mini figs, but why on Earth would you want a Headphonie on a shelf when it could be hooked up to your iPod or laptop?  When you plug these guys into a device with a mini headphone jack you will be pleasantly surprised with the quality of sound they produce.  They are far superior to the built in speakers on most laptops, and are better than most low end portable speakers.  One of the best features is that the Headphonies is that they charge for around four hours on a one hour charge via a computer’s USB port. They have a little on/off switch on the foot and a small red power light on the chest, and the plug goes…well, in the uh, behind.  The volume is controlled via the device the Headphonie is hooked up to. The sound is good and would work great in a dorm room, bedroom, or cubicle.  It doesn’t have floor-shaking bass, or the ability to render your home system obsolete, but for under thirty bucks it makes a fun and functional speaker for your iPod, laptop, or PSP.


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