HyperReal Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker

I spotted Hasbro’s HyperReal Luke Skywalker at GameStop awhile ago. I was intrigued, but the price was a little high. These have actually been around for about 2 years now. I also definitely wanted the Vader, and knew the Luke would just sit for a bit in my basement if I only got the one. Then somehow they ended up at Ollie’s Discount stores for $30. I drove about 30 minutes to get to my closest one and was able to snag both Luke and Vader. I admired them for awhile, but hesitated opening them up. But then between quarantine and the snow, I had a few days to hunker down in my studio and really have some fun with these figures. Click below for more photos and final thoughts.

The packaging is unique. You can open it up like a book and get a great look at the full figure, the Carbon freeze chamber styled base, and all of the accessories. Luke and Vader both come with additional hands (Vader comes with 7 additional hands, Luke comes with 10), and Luke comes with two heads. The hands are a pain in the butt to swap out. Once they’re on, they’ll stay on until you pop them off again, but I recommend thinking on which hands you want before displaying them.
The removable hand feature also comes in, handy, with recreating this landmark scene. I like that they provided an alternate head for Luke, but I wish the expression was a bit more different (perhaps bruised and anguished?) for additional poses. The LEGO Bespin Duel set I just reviewed provides a Luke minifig with two faces, where one is determined, and one pretty well beat up.
I love the sculpting and the possibility. Both figures utilize a metal skeleton with the outer layer mostly being soft rubber. There are realistic creases and folds sculpted into the “fabric” but this method completely removes any articulated joints so they look fantastic. I understand the downside is that the rubber may deteriorate over the years. Vader’s robes and cape are cloth. The gloves, boots, heads are traditional hard plastic. The skeleton allows quite a range of motion and possible poses. The peg holes in the feet and base allow poses that would typically be difficult to balance on their own. I like how the pegs and joiner clip plug in under the base if you’re not using them. Vader and Luke’s lightsabers have detachable blades, and their hilts do hang on their belts.
I love Luke’s weapons belt, and his blaster comes out of the holster. When it is in the holster you can connect the strap over the handle. The fatigues and boots are all rubber, but they look convincingly like cloth in multiple poses. I love the mixed materials for Vader. The capes are cloth, the bodysuit is rubber, but the gloves, chest piece, helmet and shinguards are plastic.
For all the successes and innovations, I do have a few criticisms. I thought including this deflected blaster shot was an innovative idea, but the execution didn’t quite do it for me. I mentioned how I wish the two Luke heads were just a little more different from each other. I also thought it would have been great if Vader’s helmet separated and revealed old Anakin (Sebastian Shaw head please!) But otherwise everything else in this package directly referenced Empire Strikes Back, so I guess they avoided that feature.
Overall I’m happy with both of these HyperReal figures. At 8″ tall, it’s a good size if you wanted something with a bit more presence on your shelf. I could see picking up more characters, like Boba Fett or a Tusken Raider, in this format, but the $30 price point is what absolutely did it for me. If I paid the original price for both of these I’d still be happy I had them, but I’d be hurtin’ a bit more. I’m guessing since they’re appearing at a discount chain, we probably won’t see any more. Check out my gallery below for more pics.

Hyper Real Luke Skywalker And Darth Vader

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