Jager reflects on eight years

So MPb is eight years old! Congratulations to the staff for keeping this truck rolling. I’m proud to say I was there in the trenches when the site launched. At the time I was a pie-faced kid straight out of
college looking for a way to score some freebies and share my ramblings regarding these pieces of plastic I loved. About two years in I was introduced to something that blew my mind: Designer Toys.

At the time it was called Urban Vinyl and the charge was led by a little company and their Mulletheads. The quirky little non-action-filled toys showed me a whole new world, causing me to clear my shelves of Star Wars and Spider-Man to make room for these strange vinyl creatures. This was the future of toys and I knew it.

It was an exciting time. Over my years with the site I met a lot of great artists and companies, went to some art openings, partied and rubbed elbows with artists I respect, and collected more toys that I
probably should have. It was great! I felt like I was right at the crest of the wave. Now I’m not trying to blow smoke or anything. I don’t think I had much to do with this movement happening, but I was
definitely there as it happened; talking with the people pushing this along and loving every minute. I’d say the highlight of all this was when Mars-1 sent me a print and signed Observer for my 30th birthday, and the long conversations over a drink with artists and like-minded toy nerds at after parties.

Lately, due to time constraints and life in general I’ve had to retire from the site. But I’m proud of the crew who still puts in the work and keeps it alive.
Highfives all around!

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