Kaiju Big Battel Kaikeshi Kickstarter (Round 1 and 2)

k2_compositeAs you know, we’re huge fans of Kaiju Big Battel here at MillionairePlayboy. For the uninitiated, KBB is an organized wrestling match where the opponents wear Japanese monster costumes and destroy cardboard city buildings along the way. I can only compare it to watching a live-action Godzilla movie. It started about 25 years ago in Boston and has grown to an obsession. Still delightfully underground, its fans are ravenous minions, myself included. I’ve been to over 200 concerts, but this is hands-down my favorite live event. But let’s focus in on their latest Kickstarter project. That’s right, the second round of Kaiju Kaikeshi figures just dropped and I got em all. (and I’ll show off Round 1 as well)

Keshi are little collectible figurines that have been popular in Japan for decades. Frequently fighters, and frequently pink, you are probably familiar with the line that hit American shores in the 80s as M.U.S.C.L.E.s. Inspired by the nostalgia for both the Japanese and American keshi wrestlers, the creator behind KBB, Rand Borden, sculpted miniature versions of his monstrous creations. Rand took to Kickstarter to get backers to produce the first round and they were a huge hit. I pledged enough for the standard pink set and the glow in the dark set. Now the second round was successfully funded and they’re in my hands now too.
My son’s favorite wrestler is Dusto Bunny. At the live matches, whenever Queen’s Another One Bites the Dust comes on we know who’s about to storm out to the ring in a cloud of baby powder (?). We’re thrilled that Dusto got his due and is ready to join our miniature ring. I love the sculpt, it translates perfectly to this miniature size, but still packs in a great deal of detail and is clearly Dusto.
Another one of our die hard faves is American Beetle. Fighting for what’s right and the American way, his entrance song is the A-Team theme song. I also love the over-use of American flag iconography, but Beetle speaks Spanish. It’s always hilarious to see audience members of the redneck persuasion get really pumped with all the ‘MERICA sentiments get thrown for a loop when Beetle gets the mic. He also does incredible stunts. A few years ago we attended a match at a brewery in Philly and he climbed to the top of a 20 foot stack in the warehouse and jumped down into the crowd.

I’m a huge fan of everything glow in the dark, so when presented with the opportunity, I typically bite. This batch features the same sculpts and quality of plastic, but they glow when the lights go off. They’re a lot of fun and glow pretty solid.
One of my big favorites is French Toast. Yes, he may appear to be a waffle to you, but he is indeed named French Toast. Don’t be a fool and find yourself chanting “WA-FFLE! WA-FFLE!” at a live match. You will be silently ostracized and appear to be a johnny-come-lately. The appropriate chant is “TOAST TOAST TOAST!”

Round 1 featured some of other favorites such as Skydeviller, Silver Potato, Cycloptopus, and of course our nemesis Dr. Cube. That’s right, MPb is firmly Anti-Cube. (read our ancient interview here) But still missing is my favorite Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle and a mini ref Dundee. We can’t wait for Round 3 to hit Kickstarter.
Here are some links! All of our coverage from live Kaiju events including Brooklyn last year. Here is the Kaiju Mall where you can buy Keshi figures as well as apparel and DVDs of your favorite fightos.

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