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It’s always busy on the LEGO® City Farm!
The sun is rising, and it’s time for a brand new day on the farm! The farmer and his helpers get the tractor and trailer ready for the big harvest. Then it’s time to feed and milk the cows, empty the silo for market, and store the fresh hay bales in the barn!

  • Build a barn, cow shed, grain silo, riding mower and tractor with tilting wagon!
  • Includes cat, mouse, 2 cows, dog, farmer minifigure, girl minifigure, farmhand minifigure and accessories!
  • Raise the roof panels on the barn, empty the grain silo, use the winch and hook to move the hay bales or tilt the wagon!
  • Barn measures 6 inches (15cm) tall by 5 inches (12cm) wide; silo is more than 11 inches (27cm) tall!


No field is too big for this mighty combine!
Climb into the cab of the combine harvester and start harvesting, threshing and baling grain in the fields outside LEGO® City! With its huge rotating threshing drum, this vehicle can handle any crop on the farm.

  • Includes combine harvester, 1 minifigure and mug!
  • Lift cab and place minifigure behind the wheel!
  • Threshing drum measures over 10 inches (25cm) wide and vehicle is 11 inches (27cm) long!


Get ready for a big harvest!
The busy farmer drives his rugged tractor through the fields outside LEGO® City, getting them ready for the next planting. The city will have a good crop this year!

  • Designed for easy building and instant play!
  • Includes tractor, farmer minifigure and shovel!
  • Lift the cab roof and sit the farmer at the wheel!
  • Measures 6 inches (15cm) long!


Saddle up for a horseback ride!
What a great day for a horseback ride! Load the horse into the trailer, hitch it up to the powerful 4WD vehicle, and drive out to the countryside for a day of fun and riding.

  • Includes 2 minifigures, horse and fence!
  • Vehicle with trailer attached measure 9.5″(24cm) long and 3″(7cm) high!

You can now order the new LEGO Farm sets at

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