LEGO Jedi Starfighter with Hyperdrive Booster Ring, (7661)

I have not been a fan of a lot of the Star Wars prequel ship designs. They just don’t hold up to the coolness of the Millenium Falcon or the Star Destroyers. So when I watched Episode II I was really fascinated with how the starfighters use the Hyperdrive booster ring to go to hyperspace. It was a unique idea and I was curious why we haven’t seen this LEGO set sooner.


This starfighter set set is based on the Episode III Jedi Starfighter that OBI-Wan used and not the Delta 7 fighter seen in Attack of the Clones. The 575 piece set is mostly made up of the Hyperdrive Booster Ring that is a very long and very repetitive build. When built, the ring measures about 12 inches wide (with engines) and 10 inches high. I was surprised at the size of the ring as I was not expecting it to be that big chong qi shui chi.

You begin building the Jedi Starfighter first that is the similar to the Anakin Starfighter from LEGO Set 7256 with the exception of the color. This starfighter also utilizes a connection base or Technic bricks to fit into the hyperdrive ring.


Once the starfighter is completed, you begin constructing the booster ring. The ring is made up of Technic axles, angle collectors, and pins to build the basic circular shape. This is a very tedious step that can easily be screwed up if you don’t pay attention to the instructions. I of course, had to reconstruct this a few times. One of these days I will try not to jump ahead in the instructions. After you have constructed the ring you add the decorative blue and white plates and the 6 hyperdrive engines. The engines build, is also a very repetative step, making this set not that exciting to build.

Also included are two mini-figures, OBI-WAN and Kit Fisto. I liked the inclusion of Kit Fisto but, I really don’t need another OBI-WAN. I would have liked to seen a different Jedi knight, maybe Saesee Tiin, Luminara, or Shakk Ti. Any Jedi that we have not seen in mini-figure form. The Kit Fisto is a very good molded head that utilizes his trademark smile.


I really liked this set alot, just not the construction of it. I get very bored on sets that have very repetative, tedious steps and this set is the ultimate in tediousness! The booster ring is very sturdy, which was a surprise. I wasn’t sure at how the ring would hold up. This is a good and unique new set that provides some great playability and a cool Kit Fisto figure. My only question is what happens if the booster ring gets destroyed? Do the Jedi hitch a ride?

You can pick up this set from Amazon right now.

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