Mac Sabbath with Okily Dokily at Black Cat


I’ve been dying to check out MAC SABBATH ever since I heard about them a few years ago. They were coming by the Black Cat in DC and I had to check them out. I’ve got a ton of pics of them, and OKILY DOKILY


The madness behind MAC SABBATH is their playful take on Black Sabbath songs, that instead feature their favorite fast food riffs. I love their mutant McDonaldland inspired look. It really is like Weird Al meets GWAR in a twisted car wreck. I’m glad I finally checked out the madness.


There are a number of videos on YouTube you can check out to get just a taste, but the real experience is going in person and being part of the crowd. I got to check them out at Black Cat in DC. Look up for upcoming tour dates and stay tuned to see when they’re coming to a city near you.


And hidely ho! Okily Dokily opened up the show. They all dress like Ned Flanders and their speed metal songs all feature Flander quotes. You know at first, I thought these two bands would be gimmicky. I was a hesitant that they’d hope to wow with the concept alone, but I was really inspired by the love and passion they had for performing. They’re both loving what they’re doing and its infectious. I’m a new follower.

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