Mars Attacks Soldier (Part 1)

marsattacks_16We just got a boxful of Mars Attacks! action figures. I’ll have lots of pics to share over the next few days. Here is something to whet your whistle… the Martian Soldier!
With 13 points of articulation, and movable eyeballs, this is the most definitive Mars Attacks figure ever. There’s also the Martian Ambassador, I’ll get to him in a future review in a few days. But for now check out my review and full gallery of pics!

The box is a beautiful design. It uses actual product photography that has been “aged” to closely resemble the original Topps trading cards art from the 60s. It gives a peek at the figure, and shows off his features on the sides. There is no open-flap feature, like with the Sideshow Toys premium format figures, so to really enjoy this one and to display it, you really got to free him from his box.

marsattacks_19I love the real rubber space suit that covers his body, it looks great in any pose and really looks like its straight out of the film. The accordion joints allow him to be positioned however you please, but without looking like a doll’s clothes (like miniature leather jackets often do at this scale).
Speaking of scale, he stands at 12″ tall, which is just perfect for rounding up and frying your other 1/6th scale collectibles. Now I need a 1/6th Congress for him to blow up.

marsattacks_07The amazing new feature I gotta point out is the movable eyes. Introduced in Hot Toy’s Dark Knight DX figures, these figures can be positioned to look to the right, left, or straight on, depending on where you display him. (Like next to an Adam Hughes statuette) On this figure, there is a small switch at the base of his skull that you can slide back and forth to position the eyes. Go too quick and he’s immediately looking right or left, so use a little gentle coaxing, and you can get him looking at any angle in between. You can turn his head (and kind of tilt it, but it is limited) his jaw also opens, and his tongue can be posed. You can really get some expression when displaying this figure.

marsattacks_14He comes with a few accessories. His ray guy in beautifully sculpted. You can see no shortcuts were taken, and he comes with a few pairs of hands. Sprawled, clasping, and almost a fist. The little ribs on each finger (he must have been popular in high school) are all expertly sculpted, and the hands look great when holding the gun. The only real difficulty I had with this figure was swapping out the hands. They do stay in place once you get them, but it takes a little bit of effort to get the hands on the post because the wrist joint is so small.

The only other thing I had trouble with was getting the plastic bubble back in place. I got it after a minute or two of finagglin’, but I will probably pick two hands and a facial expression and stick with it once it goes on display. This is a really well designed figure, and feels very durable, but I will not be handling him too too much once he goes on the shelf.

marsattacks_11You definitely have to open him up out of his box and play with him a bit. You can pick up this soldier, the ambassador (pics coming soon) and the Mars Attacks Cosbaby set all at These beautiful figures are made by Hot Toys, who provided the figures for review.

I cannot stress enough, there are a lot more pics coming soon. Action shots! The Ambassador! Cosbabies, Thrills!

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