Martian Ambassador Lands in DC

I just recently got the Mars Attacks Martian Ambassador from Hot Toys. With tons of detailing and fantastic posing options, this is a fine collectable. I had to document his tour of destruction, check out my pics…
You’ve seen our pics of the Martian Soldier… what’s the difference you ask? The Ambassador has a slightly different torso, he has a different belt, and no rebreather-backpack, and his head bubble is also a different shape.
He also comes with this glorious sparkly robe.

dsc08335There is more care and attention put into his robe then I’d expect. The interior lining is shiny gold, and there are miniature wire frames in the collar to achieve that coiled effect. There is also a nice type of high-tech Velcro (like you’d see on DVD box flaps) for keeping the robe together. It looks really nice, and doesn’t feel like an afterthought thrown into the packaging at the last minute. He does come with several interchangeable hands, and a smaller hand pistol (the Soldier comes with a huge ray-gun rifle).

If you’re not familiar, you can remove the head bubble, open and pose his jaw and tongue, and there is a lever on the back for adjusting his eyes to look left or right! His overall body is covered with a stretchy rubber that looks great when you pose him. The joints have a sculpted accordion feel that bends just right.

img_7819I had to take him over to the Capitol building in downtown Washington DC so he could try to “blow-up Congress.” I loved the different poses I could get, and even in the high winds he stood up without falling over once (I did use his display stand under his robe.) The Capitol Police officer (with the real semi-automatic weapon) who questioned me thought the whole thing was pretty funny, it helped that he was familiar with the movie.
The Ambassador photographs wonderfully out in the “wild,” check out my photos, and stay tuned for even more evidence of the Martians’ attack on our nationals capital, coming soon.
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This Ambassador (and other Mars Attacks figures) are available from Mention MPB at check out for 10% off!
Thanks to HotToys for sending this along for us to play with. Check out their site for other amazing collectables from your favorite movies.

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