Masters of the Universe Origins: Wave 2

Whew. Did you think we’d ever get here? It was a tough start, but now the collection is going full steam. Let’s catch up for a minute and look at Wave 2. That’s Orko, Man E Faces, Trap Jaw, and Scare Glow. I’ve got more pics of em all below. Check it out!
trapjaw_03Trap Jaw
One of my favorite side characters in all of Eternia is Trap Jaw. I thought he got a bad rap on the animated series and was played as a buffoon. I liked the zipline loop on his helmet, and the interchangeable weapons on the original figure, and I’m pretty sure he was the first action figure I had with a moveable jaw. I loved this guy. Then the 200X Trap Jaw came out and I thought it was one of the most beautiful action figures ever made. I wasn’t as impressed with the Classics Trapjaw. He checked all the boxes sure. But now we have the Origins Trap Jaw. I do like the “heart” that seems to have returned in this design. The eyes are a bit stranger though. The vintage figure had pupils, and this one his eyes are all black. I like that the jaw moves, and he has his zipline helmet. All the attachments look like the originals, and hook onto his belt, and he features the same poseability featured in the rest of the Origins line. The articulation is good for posing, and the styling looks great when you photograph it, or display it on your shelf. For me he was a must-have Origins figure. He rings the nostalgia bell better than the new He-Man does; but if I were a customizer, I’d fix his eyes a little.
I loved Orko on the animated series. I don’t think I ever had the vintage Orko figure new from the store. I think I bought one at a thrift shop near the end of my Masters collection days as a kid, without the ripcord or magic coins. This new Orko is fantastic. He really feels like he’s straight from the animated show, his base looks fantastic. I debated photoshopping out his base, but I feel that would be misrepresentative of what you get, and really, it’s not obtrusive. I’m glad we traded the magic tricks and spinning mechanism for a stand. He looks great on your shelf, but he’s fun to play with too. His form is loose and cartoony, and it fits the character well.
Man E Faces
Man E Faces was another favorite when I was younger. Back in the day, I liked the concept and ingenuity of a rotating face, it was such a unique play feature. I recall thinking how this was something that my Transformers and Star Wars figures couldn’t really do. I like the fact that the helmet piece can still rotate too. Nice touch. This one doesn’t seem to be too much of a departure from the vintage figure at all. Nice match-up, just new articulation. He also comes with his classic pistol.
Scare Glow
Here is an interesting addition. Scare Glow was introduced at the very, very end of the vintage line before it switched over to the New Adventures of He-Man. I’ll say this, he’s cool as shit. He’s a glow in the dark skeleton in a purple cape. It’s hard to argue against how cool that is. But there are some mysteries behind this figure. Why was he introduced in the Origins line, in Wave 2? I think Mattel was trying to show that they’re definitely aiming at the collectors with this line. Somehow over the last 30 years, Scare Glow became one of the really pricey and sought-after vintage figures. A) He’s cool. I mentioned that. B) He came out at the end so there’s much less copies of him floating around yard sales and eBay. C) He had a cloth cape which could easily get worn down or lost. This combination was the perfect storm to make Scare Glow one of the legendary finds for the vintage figures. So Mattel puts down some of the core figures at retail, He-Man, Skeletor, Moss Man, Man At Arm, etc. But then as soon as Wave 2 hits, they show that all bets are off and you can’t predict who comes out before whom. One last mystery, why did they give Origins Scare Glow a plastic cape, to look like cloth? In the toy manufacturing gig, all soft goods which is anything cloth, is a million times cheaper than a piece of plastic. Seems odd they’d go this route. Also, Scare Glow’s subtitle on his card is the Evil Ghost of Skeletor. It made sense when he came out at the end of the vintage line, as we could assume Skeletor died. But now, is he a separate character now from Skeletor? Does he exist at the same time? I say he was released to appeal to the collectors, who don’t care as much about continuity. I will say this. The glow on this guy is strong. I used a UV flashlight to charge him up, but the top photos was powered just by his glow strength alone. It’s tight!
So there’s the four figures in Wave 2. It’s a good assortment. Wave 3 and 4 and the deluxe figures are also hitting now. Even Wave 5 is starting to pop up here and there. Stay tuned for more pics and reflections. You can get a sneak preview of upcoming waves in the gallery below. You can try and get these at WalMart or Target, but your best bet is try and get them for retail ($15) online. Don’t pay too much more than that. I believe everything will eventually be available at that price. Don’t let the scalpers win.

MOTU Origins

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