Mattel Creations’ Crystal Skeletor

I got a great surprise on my stoop this morning. The Mattel Creations‘ Skeletor I ordered on a whim back in October showed up! I have gotten into the Masters of the Universe Origins line and when I saw a link for the clear Skeletor pop up, I thought to myself, this isn’t my top dream figure, but if I don’t preorder it now, I’ll be disappointed when it comes out and everyone else has it and it’s too pricey to get. So I did, and now I have it, and I’m thrilled! Click below for more pics.

The packaging is very mod. I appreciate the way Skeletor is presented, so you can see all side, and the design illustrations are presented on the background. This Mattel Creations Skeletor is intended to “celebrate” the MOTU Origins design, and its upgrade of the classic Skeletor. You’re able to see the internal mechanisms of the joints. Because of all of this, and the original $50 price-tag, and online only offering, this is not being sold as a toy or even a variant in the Origins line. All that aside, I was able to carefully free Skeletor from the packaging without destroying anything. I used an Exacto blade to remove the little bands keeping him in place, and then I successfully put him back in the package for display. He’ll stand alright in there, but if you shake him up, he’s otherwise unsecured, so you’d have to stand him up again.
Out of the box he is exactly like Origins Skeletor. The sword and Havoc Staff and armor pieces seem to be the same consistency and as flexible as the mass produced opaque version. He has all of the articulation, and he stands on his own fairly easily. At first one could write off a clear variant as you would a con exclusive or even retailer exclusive. However instead of just being a different color, there is actually something new and significant offered here.
So while he doesn’t fulfill a never produced version of Skeletor that was seen in the animated show or the comic books, he is certainly a welcome addition to your collection. I’ll say honestly I had fun photographing him, playing with differently colored lights and fog, and then seeing how he interacts with other figures. And though he’s intended to be collector’s item, I do love toys that have collectible value but are legit acceptable for kids to play with. He’s fully articulated and fun to “play” with, but at $50 and current and forevermore unavailability, I would not allow a small child to play with Phasing Skeletor.
(HAHA, remember trying to get your hands on Phasing Vision?!)
He works well within the (dammit Mattel, at this point I would say “classic” or “original” Masters of the Universe line, referencing the toys from 1982, but due to the “Classics” and “Origins” line, I have to figure out something else to say, I dunno, how much do I enjoy saying “vintage”?) this Skeletor fits in with existing playsets and vehicles, but mostly I want to commend Mattel for making fancy-pants packaging that I could remove the figure from in order to photograph and then put right back in when I was done. And to appease the MOC collectors, I do not believe I could very easily put him back in, and then pass him off as MINT. The little plastic bands have been cut, and a tape seal has been sliced. So it’s great for displaying him after the fact, but if I were to track down an unopened version, I don’t have to worry too much about being taken.
Like many others, I consider Skeletor, the character, to one of the best villains, and thus one of the most perfect action figures ever. I don’t say that lightly. 1982 Skeletor is one of the best action figures ever made. And get ready to clutch your pearls, I feel that 200X Skeletor to the absolute perfect follow-up and homage. And (here’s where I really get inflamatory) no other Skeletor since has surpassed the perfection of the 200X Skeletor. Sure, Classics Skeletor looks great, but he falls over all the time and I’d not let a kid play with him. Origins Skeletor looks great is a lot of fun, but he’s not somehow more perfect that 200X Skeletor.
The biggest issue I had in doing this photoshoot was deciding if the purple or blue light looked best. Honestly, clear light looks stunning, but there’s just something missing… much like the itch you get to color in a vintage MOTU coloring book. I tried blue for his skin and purple for his armor. It seems most people on facebook preferred blue. But the purple is definitely more 80s.
Normally I’d conclude a review with a recommendation to grab this right away. From what I understand this guy is fetching $250 on the secondary market already. Is this a $250 Skeletor? Not particularly. I justified the original $50 for the fun of it and the exclusivity. I’m hoping one day one of my friends says “Aw man, you grabbed Crystal Skeletor? Lucky!” so you have to decide how much that is worth.
Stay tuned for more fun Masters of the Universe reviews, including new Origins figures, coming soon.

MOTU Creations Skeletor

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