Medicom Toys’ Star Wars Kubricks – Series 8 & Japanese Super-deformed minis

swm14.jpg just got in two new ways for you to satisfy your Star Wars cravings. Just because the live-action movies are all done that doesn’t mean we can’t keep them in our hearts with toys! Medicom has a new Kubrick set highlighting where the tale of Anakin’s fall began: Phantom Menace. And there are some super cute squished up versions of the original trilogy available with the imported super-deformed minis. Both are pretty cool, and offer a very different look for your Star Wars collection.


Star Wars Kubricks Series 8
The first thing I noticed about this series was that they are the most sculpted Kubricks I’ve seen. Originally, Kubricks were so amazing because they were all made from the same mold relying on the paint applications to give the toy character. Over the past few years, Medicom has been sculpting more and more of the parts for mixed results. These seem to work on a visual level though. I particularly like the “naked” C3-PO. The sculpting on the exposed wires is really intricate and each one is painted very cleanly. Darth Maul is probably the best of the series, or maybe I’m drawn to him more because he was such a great character in the movie. His lightsaber comes apart as does his torso to simulate the climax of the Phantom Menace. Finally, the Battle Droid is looking good with all the details present whether they are sculpted (torso and head) or painted on (legs). Actually, these are all very accurate to their source material, which is the Kubrick mantra.


Super-Deformed Minis
These are my son’s first Star Wars figures. He loves to play with the lighsaber nightlight, but these toys are the first small and tough enough for my boy to handle without worry of breaking or eye-poking. But you may not have a kid, so you’re saying, “Get on with it, tell us about the toys!” Well, I can honestly say these are some sweet little minis. They are made of solid plastic with no articulation and are sculpted in their iconic stance. For example, Vader is giving us the “Only now at the end do you understand” look with his hand raised. What really impressed me with these is the attention to detail. These are definitely cartoony, but they are pretty detailed too. Vader’s helmet is a shiny black while his cape is matte, like in the movies! Also, C3-PO’s gold is shiny and his wires on his waist are sculpted as are the fine ridges of his eyes. All in all, this is a very fun series, but won’t disappoint the Star Wars fans who expect accuracy in their toys. These are perfect cubicle additions.

These are two very different takes on the Star Wars universe, but both have their strong points. The Phantom Menace Kubricks are a great addition to the Kubrick cannon and the deformed minis are a more fun look at the original characters we love. has a sweet Star Wars section, and some great Designer Toys too. And if you want weird Japanese imported toys, that’s your place!

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