Mega Bloks Halo Wars: Aerial Ambush

MegaBloks Aerial Assault

This was an interesting set for me to review. The reason? I have never played the game Halo. I don’t own an XBOX. I’m a Playstation fan.  I don’t even know anybody that owns one. I know its a shooting game. People love it. So when MEGA Bloks sent me the new Halo Wars sets I have to come clean:

I am a Halo virgin.

Mega Bloks Aerial Assault

Because of my lack of Halo knowledge, the first thing I did was to consult Wikipedia. I learned enough to know what the hell I was building. The first MEGA Bloks Halo Wars set I built was the Aerial Ambush set. The set uses 376 pieces to make up the UNSC Hawk and Covenant Banshee.

You begin building the UNSC Hawk. Using the new green camouflage colored blocks, you start with the construction of the ships body. As you go the tail and side wings along with the nose-mounted laser cannon and dual Machine Guns. I got really frustrated with a few of the parts. The side mounted machine guns on the wings constantly fell off. The front missiles also would not stay on.

While the set has its faults, the design of the ship is very well done. I’m basing this on screen captures from the game. The ship looks pretty much like it does in Halo Wars. I also enjoy building with the new camouflage blocks. The blocks paint doesn’t have a consistent colorization, but surprisingly works well.


The ship’s tail moves up and down slightly, along with the wings that open and close slightly. Up front is a cockpit that opens. My only other complaint was that I found it difficult to get one of the soldiers to sit in the cockpit.


Covenant Banshee
The Covenant Banshee aerial assault craft was the better of the two ships. I found nothing wrong with it. The ship is very sturdy, and has a quick build. The ship doesn’t have any movement with the exception of the large cockpit that opens up. Since I’m not familiar with Halo Wars I placed the Covenant Grunt in the cockpit of the ship. He was the only one that fit. Excuse my ignorance if he doesn’t pilot the ship. The Banshee is armed with two Plasma Cannons along with a Fuel Rod Cannon that is used for ground bombardment. You also build a Covenant Gun turret that rotates around to shoot down enemy Hawks.


The set comes with 4 miniature action figures. The UNSC Flame marine comes equipped with a removable flame unit. Also included is the UNSC Spartan. On the Covenant force you get one elite soldier, and the Grunt. Both come equipped with their own weapons.

Since I’m not familiar enough with the game, I can only give you my opinion of the set as a toy. I have a love / hate relationship with MEGA Bloks. I have a number of sets that I really enjoyed building. However, there are a few sets that wouldn’t stay together. Luckily, the Halo Wars Aerial Assault set stays together pretty well overall. With the exception of the Hawk’s weapons.


The build time for the Hawk was about two hours. This is mainly because of the camouflage pieces. That’s not a negative critiscism though! The new camouflage blocks are very cool and really help the look and feel of the ship.

I would recommend this set for people that were thinking of purchasing it. It’s a fun build overall. You will have to be the judge on its comparison to the game.
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