Mega Bloks Halo Wars series now available!


Halo Wars Aerial Ambush
Bringing the iconic characters of the video game to life through Mega Bloks, this ultimate 370-piece Halo Wars set includes a buildable UNSC Hawk, Covenant Banshee, UNSC Spartan, UNSC Flame Marine, Covenant Elite, Covenant Turret and Covenant Grunt.

Age: 8+
SRP: $39.99
Available: Now


Halo Wars Scorpion
This sturdy buildable Scorpion battle tank is a mainstay of UNSC forces. Use this heavy hitting [UTF-8?]tank’s flexible weapons platform to provide support for the UNSC and inflict severe damage on the Covenant. The 240-piece Scorpion vehicle set comes equipped with a UNSC Red Spartan, and Covenant Elite Guard.

Age: 8+
SRP: $29.99
Available: Now



Halo Wars Vehicle Asst.
Coupling two of the most versatile vehicles in the UNSC barracks, the Vehicle Asst. pairs the notorious UNSC Warthog, perfect for ground reconnaissance, and the UNSC Hornet for close air support. The Warthog comes equipped with a UNSC Spartan, Covenant Elite, and Covenant Battle Turret. The Hornet set includes a UNSC Spartan and Covenant Grunt.

Age: 8+
SRP: $19.99
Available: Now



Halo Wars Battle Packs
Prepare for a battle show down where the UNSC Turret will take on the Covenant Ghost. The Covenant Ghost includes a Covenant Elite Guard equipped with a Covenant Beam Rifle and three Covenant Grunts. The UNSC Turret comes with three UNSC Spartans equipped with two UNSC shotguns and a UNSC SMG.

Age: 8+
SRP: $9.99
Available: Now

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