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As we’ve been excited by the return of MOTU Origins, and just gotten a peak at the new animated series figures, lets take a closer, close-up, look at the mini Masters of the Universe figures hitting stores right now. Click to see more.

First up we got the World’s Smallest line, from Super Impulse. From Masters of the Universe, they give us World’s Smallest He-Man, Skeletor, Teela, and Battlecat. Once you slice open the clamshell packaging, there is a miniature blisterpack. It’s actually plastic, so you can remove the 1.25″ mini figure from the back panel, and place it back in for display later. Very nice. The front of the card resembles the classic 80s Masters packaging, and the back shows all four of the World’s Smallest figures that were offered.
The He-Man looks great, and fits right on Battlecat. He-Man comes with two Battle Axes, a shield, a foot stand, and a mini dagger. You can move his head and both arms, and his legs are flexible enough that he can straddle Battlecat. I think he looks great, but I can’t get past the fact that you don’t get his powersword. He’s illustrated holding his powersword on the miniature blister. Skeletor comes with a powersword, and you get two axes with He-Man. So they know you should get a powersword, but you don’t. There has to be a licensing issue, or perhaps a con exclusive later on down the road. But I’m half tempted to color Skeletor’s sword silver since I prefer him with his havoc staff anyway. I had a lot of fun with these World’s Smallest action figures, be sure to see more pics in the gallery below.
I like mixing and matching a bit. Mattel owns Masters of the Universe but licensed the likenesses to Total Impulse for their World’s Smallest line. But Mattel owns Hot Wheels so they could just go ahead and make a 1:64 scale version of Land Shark. Wait a minute. 1:64 refers to life-sized cars… if the “real” Land Shark is only 6 or 7″ long, then I’m not sure this counts as 1:64 scale. Oooh, this is a ripe toy-nerd debate for later. Anyway, the World’s Smallest Skeletor looks pretty good sitting behind the wheel, or handlebars or whatever. I like the Hot Wheels Land Shark, it looks great, but the mouth does not chomp as you roll the Land Shark around. Here’s the thing, I understand that this, and World’s Smallest He-Man are supposed to be super-small “reminders” of a toy you love, but it feels like the chomping action or inclusion of the powersword would put these toys at 100% awesome. Each of the World’s Smallest figures, and this Land Shark were $6 a piece and available at Target or WalMart.
So while we’re on the subject of mini masters, I wanted to compare these to the Eternia Minis line. These 2 inch tall “super deformed” versions were recently rereleased along side the MOTU Origins line, but now they come in these cool plastic snap cases that look like Castle Grayskull (wave 1) and Snake Mountain (wave 2). Apparently there was going to be a Wave 3 in a mini version of the Slime Pit, but apparently the third wave is coming out on mini blister cards. One important note about the Eternia Minis is that there is a code on the bottom of the snap cases that let you know what figure is inside so you don’t buy duplicates.
Series 1 (Castle Grayskull)

  • A – He-Man
  • B – Skeletor
  • C – Man At Arms
  • D – Trap Jaw
  • E – Ram Man
  • F – Jitsu
  • G – Buzz-Off
  • H – Slime Pit He-Man

Series 2 (Snake Mountain)

  • A – Faker
  • B – Golden Armor Skeletor
  • C – First Appearance Trap Jaw
  • D – Serpent Claw Man At Arms
  • E – Beastman
  • F – Stinkor
  • G – He-Man
  • H – Skeletor

If you were a longtime MillionairePlayboy reader, you know I have a tendency to be a completist. It took months of therapy, but I am no longer a completist. Sometimes I get the bug, but I try really hard to only buy the toys I really want. So for the Heroes I stuck to these five. He-Man, Moss Man, Ram Man, Buzz Off, and Man at Arms. If they eventually release Orko, or Man-E-Faces, or even Mek-A-Nek I’ll probably get them too.
I always liked the villians better anyway, so I nabbed Skeletor, TrapJaw, Stinkor, Faker, and Slime Pit Zombie He-Man. See, that stings that I won’t be getting a miniature Slime Pit anytime soon. But that Zombie He-Man is translucent, and he has a different expression than Faker, so that’s pretty sweet.
My favorite guy, ever, is Stinkor. I can’t wait until we get the MOTU Origins Stinkor. So for the time being I’m happy with this Mini Stinkor. No scent however. These were in stores with the Origins, but you can still find them online, etc. Just a note. I got a bunch of these figures, so I got a bunch of the little snap cases. So I took to customizing a few of them. So be known, that they come in solid plastic and have no moving parts. I dremeled the Jaw Bridge on Grayskull and added the linework, and then added some silver accents to Snake Mountain.
While we’re on the topic of pocket sized power lords, I want to look at the Mega Construx MOTU. They’re articulated, and the buildable Mega Construx Castle Grayskull is a lot of fun. Check out that link for tons of photos and a time lapse of the build.
Here’s something I really like about the Mega Construx line, the buildable kits are amazing, but they’re expensive. We actually got Grayskull on sale. I did buy the ROTOR set that came with Battle Cat and Battle Armor He-Man, but I got sad because the Point Dread set was $50 and that was the only way to get Panthor. But wait! If you held out just a little bit, they released a set with just Panthor and Skeletor for $15. And what’s this?! This set was the exclusive way to get the flocked version of Panthor! This was better than the $50 Point Dread set. I couldn’t believe it. In fact Mega Construx has released several ways to get just the MOTU minifigs without having to buy the whole building set. Something people gripe out with Lego. The only thing I desperately need is a flocked version of mini MossMan, and that hasn’t surfaced yet.
I want to point out this fun Castle Grayskull POP (inspired resin collectable) available exclusively via Maryland vintage toy store Eternia Dreams. It’s a little bigger than my snap case Grayskull and it has handpainted details and that Funko Pop style aesthetic.
Here is a comparison shot so you can see how tall the mini Skeletors we talked about stack up to the original vintage 5″ Skeletor. The one on the right is the Loyal Subjects Skeletor and he has a moveable jaw.
I think the World’s Smallest line is a fun accompaniment to your primary collection. They’re reasonably priced, and if you can find em, they’re fun to collect. I was just made aware of their Worlds Smallest Garbage Pail Kids figurines and I’ll be on the lookout for those. Stay tuned for much more Masters of the Universe coverage with more upcoming photos and reviews. Here are the main sites for more info: Super Impulse World’s Smallest toys, MegaConstrux and Eternia Minis.


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