MOTU Origins Stinkor and LOP Mer-Man

My favorite Masters of the Universe character (after Skeletor) finally got his Origins entry. Behold Stinkor, Evil Master of Odors. I pre-ordered mine from BigBadToyStore and it just arrived. Take a look as I take a few pics and give him a sniff test. Bonus, I also got Lords of Power MerMan so I have a few pics of him too. Click below to see more, PLUS (it just keeps coming) a brief behind-the-scenes video of creating this Stinkor scene. Go ahead and read more!

Skeletor is, without a doubt, the best Master of the Universe. He’s also one of the best action figures ever, but that’s a discussion for another day. Aside from the Lord of Evil, there is Stinkor. I love the fact that he just stinks. He doesn’t come with a weapon, he just stinks in your general direction. This is wonderfully effective. With swords you have to be relatively close to be effective at all, and blasters (presumably) require energy recharges and accuracy. Skeletor and Evil Lynn’s magic requires mystic objects and years of practice. Stinkor just shows up and does some damage.
I love the irreverence of an action figure that just smells horrible. Even at the age of 6 or 7 I knew there was a room full of adults pitching action figure features and somebody said “What if the figure looks like a skunk and just stinks real bad” and someone else in the room said “done!” And yes, this Origins Stinkor was produced with patchouli oil, so he has a slight odor, but it wasn’t overpowering or offensive. If you want an offensive smell, the Stink Blasters had that clenched. You’ll never top the Stink Blasters when it comes to stink show down.
Speaking of the 80s, here is the brand new Origins Stinkor on the left and the original vintage 80s Stinkor on the right. He’s a bit taller and sports all of the Origins articulation. His armor looks similar but is very soft rubber this time around. His head is a repaint of the Merman head, and I have to say the scowl looks more, intentional? Maybe its in the eyes, but the original Stinkor is scowly but almost as a reflex, like you surprised him. Origins Stinkor’s scowl seems to have more of a “I’m gonna git ya!” emotion behind it.
Speaking of Merman, I specifically waited to get the Lords of Power variant of Merman. Knowing there’d eventually be a Stinkor, I saw that they were going to offer an alternative Merman, so I pre-ordered this one and it was an entirely different head. I do enjoy this version of Merman over the original. You’ll notice though in my pictures below, that my blister card never got the LOP sticker. I’m an opener, so it didn’t matter too much.
Yes, I definitely prefer this Merman over the other. I don’t have a comparison photo since I didn’t purchase the first edition, but it’s easy to find. This specific look is based on the original 1980s illustrations pitched to Mattel prior to the figures being finalized. There was a Lords of Power con exclusive that featured five figures and this was one of them. I do believe that this individual LOP Merman has a slightly different paint app to differentiate it from the Power Con exclusive 5 Pack.
This Merman, and Stinkor should be available in stores and online retailers now. Your mileage may vary. I preordered both from and they arrived without having to drive around a lot.

I had a lot of fun taking photos in my studio. I’ve done a lot of Masters of the Universe studio photos during quarantine. But I particularly wanted to share this video with you showing how the Microfogger works. I shined a remote flash with a green gel from the side to try and color the smoke stinky green.
I have a few more photos for you to check out below, including comparisons to the Mega Construx counterparts. Make sure to check out more of our MOTU Origins coverage, and if you really want you can check out our MOTU 200X articles from back in the day.

MOTU Origins Stinkor And MerMan

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