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What is that smell?
It’s not the familiar vinyl smell of a brand new action figure (nothing tops 1980’s Darth Vader cape), it’s like a cab driver crashed into a Christmas store while drinking Southern Comfort. SNIFFFFFFFFFFFFF, yeah, it’s Moss Man, the latest figure from the MOTUC offered exclusively at*  Moss Man has always been one of my favorites of the original series. The original figure’s premise seemed so delightfully random to a six year old. Take a green Beast Man figure and glue some fuzz to him…. it just seemed so abstract, but I was drawn to him. I played with him outside quite a bit, and lost him to my father’s lawn mower. Anyway, if you followed the drama or not, it’s a great figure.

He’s got the MOTUC articulation and beautiful, streamlined sculpt job a la the Four Horsemen. Some of the drama online was around his ears. Many people complained that versions of his head with the ears flocked made it look stupid. Instead of saying “Eh, go flock yourself” Mattel actually stopped the run mid-production, and stopped flocking his ears. So when this went on sale the other week, a certain number of figures were on sale with unflocked ears, and the rest had flocked ears. Since has the technological stability of an unplugged Coleco computer, many people had to take the risk of getting the flocked version or none at all. I had a secret myself, as a responsible father in this economy, I really shouldn’t be spending $30 on an action figure. So I went for the gusto and tried to buy an unflocked ear Moss Man (in higer demand), thinking it would be the responsible thing to do, since I probably wouldn’t get it. Whoops. A daisy.

mossman_06Some of you may be asking why there’s an alternative head (also without flocked ears) included. Actually I doubt that. If you’ve gotten this far in my article about a single action figure, then you probably know that the one head is based on the original figure (green Beast Man) while the alternative head is based on the all original look of the Moss Man character from the 200x series. Since this entire “experiment” in designing figures is about attempting to please the



(Sorry, I had a really hard time typing that without choking) they wanted to include the alternate head for that planned action figure that never got produced.

I’m absolutely stunned (in a good way) that Mattel stopped flocking the ears mid-run. I’ve never seen a toy company, especially one as established as Mattel, going to such lengths to try and make us happy. So I have to give them green fuzzy props for the  effort, and actually pulling it off. They knew that we’d buy up the entire stock, regardless of the ears.

One bit of warning, I’ve heard from other collectors (but dared not test myself) that the adhesive used in the flocking is extremely water soluble, so put this guy next to your Mogwai and don’t get him wet.

I’ve taken an extremely a la carte approach to collecting this line. I am only buying the characters I really, really want. (It’s the price and the online headaches that are keeping me from enjoying this more.)

mossman_10I was pretty devastated when the 200x line was canceled, so many of you thought I’d be all over this line, but, no matter how good these figures are, they’re just not worth $30.  If I had a chance to get them at retail for $15, I could justify paying a few more dollars to grab it online. But there is no option. Well, there is the option I’ve chosen, which is to not buy many of them. There are certain expenses I incur in this world that I chalk up to having discernible taste (yes, there are discount beers I just won’t buy).

The flip side is that these figures’ prices go through the roof on the secondary market. I got lucky and picked up a Skeletor in their run of re-issues instead of paying a huge amount on eBay. So, some of us have to decide to pay too much now or miss out later. If you didn’t think the figure was worth $30, you’re certainly not going to think it’s worth $80.

Here’s my review of the 200x mail away Moss Man. And you can check out the official Masters of the Universe Classics on for future releases. Alright, I admit, I’m going to be ready for Stinkor and Roboto. You know how you can bribe a potty-training kid with a new toy? Well it works on the parents who can’t afford diapers anymore.

Hordak is coming up next, later in April.

*or in Toys R Us in two packs

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