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Love it or hate it, is the only source for the Masters of the Universe Classics line. (up until now)

I was a bit hesitant at first, I’ll be honest… $20 for an action figure, plus $10 shipping? This figure better change diapers and go on beer runs for that price. But all griping about price aside, these figures do deliver an unprecedented collectible.

I’ve done Toy Fair for 11 years, I’ve seen some amazing figures in my time, so I’ve seen the ups and downs, the triumphs and the sacrifices. One stand-out will always be the McFarlane Terminator T-800 from many years ago. It looked amazing and it had more articulation than I could have dreamed of. Unfortunately, I can’t really demonstrate that, because it practically disintegrates in my hands when I pick it up. Even out of the package, we lost a thumb almost immediately. Then I got the 2002 – 2003 line of re-imagined Masters of the Universe in my hands, and the sculpting was amazing, but damn if they didn’t have knees. It turns out you basically have to choose an superior amount of detail and articulation, or durability and marketability. But now it seems Mattel has called up the Four Horsemen once again, and done away with compromise.

img_7739I balked at the $30 price tag for the longest time. I looked at the photos, and it just didn’t seem to top the 200X line. That Skeletor (and that Trapjaw) are two of my favorite action figures ever. They perfectly embody the spirit of the character I loved, and the toys I grew up with, but had a sculpt that looked amazing enough to stand next to statues with ease (and now they do… the Staction Figures are helping round out my collection).
Those were $8-10 tops, and here they wanted me to drop 3X that much… and there was no guarantee I’d get one? Dealing with the online ordering process is its own story.

But I have to say, Skeletor (in general) is one of my favorite characters to get an action figure, so I dove in and bought one when the re-issue was offered online. (And actually I didn’t get it until the “second shipment” became available and I got a third chance to order).

Ok, though I’m still a little sore at the price tag, actually getting it in my hands has satiated me a little. This is actually a great figure that deserves to display next to my other Skeletors (and Keldor, signed by the Foursemen). The knees, ankles, shins, hips, abs, shoulder, neck bicep, elbow, wrist all moved wonderfully, yet they were still durable enough to be called Mattel. A press rep told me long ago, that they always wanted kids to still be able to drop their toys off a deck and the toys survive, and thats why we sometimes lost expected articulation. This Skeletor, while remaining on my shelf, would indeed survive such a fall. They also stand quite a bit taller and heftier than original incarnations.


So lets fast forward, I’m at Toy Fair and I mosey in to the Mattel Collector Media event to peep the upcoming figures in person. Thanks to our man Dan I was able to get a Trapjaw to take home and I’m thrilled all over again.

He comes with his expected 3 arm accessories, (blaster, clamp, and claw) and an opening mouth, however he had some surprises in store. There’s a swappable head and standard arm so you can start him out in his story as Kronis, who later gets defeated when attempting to overthrow Skeletor.


The little loop on top for some extreme zip lining is also present.
You boil it down, I still prefer the overall look of the 200X Trapjaw over this one (or the original 80s one) I kind of wish that THIS figure came out in 200X, and that one came out now as the ultimate. Kind of like how I would be even more amazed if the Apple iPad came out 3 or 4 years ago, and now they’re introducing the trim and portable iPhone!!! But they’re not.

I dig all the updating of the original, it’s successful, and the added articulation (while maintaining its durability) is also successful.

Two-Packs from 2010 Toy Fair

So, kudos Mattel, you did make a believer out of me, and I will be occasionally picking up more MOTUC figures from… but in the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for chances to get some of the basic figures in stores. They are releasing these MOTUC vs DC two packs… check it out, and keep your eyes peeled.

And yes, there’s She-Ra coming too.

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