Nada Surf wraps their US Tour

Whip my hair back and forth
Alt rockers Nada Surf have been touring the U.S. promoting their 2012 album The Stars Are Indifferent to Astronomy, and they came to their last stop at DC’s 9:30 Club last night. Kicking off with new tunes, yet satiating the audience with fan favorites like Always Love and Happy Kid. It’s clear they still have the alt-rock chops that made a name for themselves in the 90s. Click below for more pics.

The gang
On my way to the venue, I stopped into a brand new bar in the Petworth area and was chatting about the show. One of the waitresses wasn’t familiar with Nada Surf and wanted to know what type of band they were. I paused for a minute, and said they were an alterna/grunge-era band that had that song Popular a few years back. I was just at the dubstep/D&B Feed Me show at the same venue just 3 days earlier and I have had a hard time explaining that music to people as well. That show was populated by high school kids sporting pacifiers and full-on hoochie mama get-ups. But in contrast, the Nada Surf crowd was much more friendly, comfortable, and well, let’s use a euphemism, they were veteran concert goers. If you were in high school/college in 96 like I was, well this audience is welcoming and familiar.
Singing in green

I had a great time. People were singing along to the familiar songs like Inside Love and Concrete Bed and no one was getting rowdy or trying to show off how cool they thought they were. I hadn’t seen Nada Surf in concert before, and had only seen their videos. I was transfixed by Daniel Lorca’s dreadlocks, as you can tell in the pictures below, two out of three photos are of him whipping his hair around. Also check out opening act An Horse, I hadn’t heard of them prior to the show, but came away pleasantly surprised. I want to point out that though this was Nada Surf’s last U.S. stop, they didn’t short change us on energy or excitement when they were on the stage. They mentioned several times how glad they were to be back at 9:30 Club, and if any city were to put the tour to bed, they were glad it was us. Thinking back to the bar conversation prior to the concert, I should have just said Nada Surf was a rock band, and that’s all you need to know.

Swing by their web site to hear tracks from their new album and keep up with what’s next for Nada Surf. And check out the pics below.

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