New Back to the Future Minimates


We were blown away by the all new Back to the Future Minimates we saw at Diamond Select Toys’ Toy Fair booth it made us wish for our own flux capacitor so we could skip ahead to when we could bring them home, and now they’re here! We have four sets reviewed and over 40 pics. Check it out!


Let’s start with the Back to the Future II set. I was very excited to get a Griff with Pit Bull hoverboard, he comes with his Ken Griffey III autographed bat. Marty McFly Jr. is the highlight however. There is his dopey expression, the lenticular hat, and the one sleeve on his jacket is too long. You can pull off the sleeve extension and plug in the spare hand, you can swap the face, and even the hair, and now you have Marty Sr. Art Asylum also included a red t-shirt torso, to stick with the accuracy, but I didn’t do it because I was swapping back and forth between the two while snapping photos. So in these photos, my 1985 Marty Sr. (Marty Prime?) is wearing a white t-shirt. Sorry.

One of the things I love about Minimates in general is the ingenuity. Here are some of the accessories that come with this pack. The Gray’s Sports Almanac has the You’re Fired! fax on the reverse side. So we also get 47 year old Marty Sr. (with two ties) and Marlene.

WOW! This is great! This pack not only comes with enough pieces to make Marty Jr or Sr. but you make Marty and Biff hover. I love that this stand doesn’t impact the design or functionality of the hoverboard accessories. If you choose to not use this in your display, both the Pit Bull and the Mattel hoverboard look great. The stand uses a small piece that hugs the post on the hoverboard pretty tightly (it takes awhile to get it on there flush. But it is essentially holding up the minimate, and hoverboard, from between. After I got them on there, it stayed on great. This is now one of my favorite Back to the Future displays, and was a great surprise.


I love getting tracksuit Biff. Make sure to check out my timeline of Biff Minimates in the gallery below. We also get successful author George McFly, sleepy Marty, and Needles. NICE. I may have to pose him with my Slash action figure. I like how the author photo on the back of A Match Made in Space is a blocky Minimate style.


Puttin the second coat on right now.


And we get some new BTTF III figures. I like the Festival Dress Doc and Marty, formal wear(?) Clara (who can tell), and Seamus McFly. We get some sweet accessories, such as Clara’s telescope, the photo of our time travelers with the Hill Valley clock. I like the Frisbee pan, and the holster and revolver for Marty to gift to Seamus.


The details and likeness totally work. I love the balance between what to include, and what to make minimal.


I also got to check out one of the Minimates Deloreans. There’s a lot of detail packed into this model, and two figures fit completely inside. The wheels don’t fold down on this particular one, but there are multiple Minimate Deloreans available. This version comes with life preserver Marty. I got one of those in a different Minimates set in 2007. Let me compare them side by side.


As you can see some details have been cleaned up and the expression has completely changed. The vest piece appears to be the same sculpt. They both look like Marty and do the job.

These sets are available now via your favorite comic show (or swing by and visit our friends at I have over 40 images below for you to peruse. Now pardon me, I have the Stinky Lomax hanging to attend to.

Back To The Future Minimates

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