New Year’s Eve with GWAR in Richmond


What a way to ring in the new year than with the only band of aliens hell-bent on destroying the earth. I road-tripped down to The National in Richmond, Virginia, threw on my white Donate Blood t-shirt and got ready to say goodbye to 2015. Click below for some kick-ass pics.


Yes, it’s true, I love Balsac. I’ve got to stop shouting that in public. Balsac the Jaws of Death is my favorite, and I get my best pictures of him. Maybe one day I’ll form my super group with Balsac and Slash.


I said it before, and I’ll say it again, recent recruit Blothar has filled the massive void left by Dave “Oderus” Brockie’s passing almost two years ago. He takes the lead and commands from the stage. He’ll also spray you with his glorious quadracock if you’re not careful.


Last time I got a photo of Beefcake the Mighty staring right into my soul. I’ll never get a photo like that (or get my soul back) again. But I liked this powerful shot.


GWAR is about the fans, the scumdogs. I love that top shot of the devoted follower begging to be baptized in bodily fluids, but I also like the passion and movement in this photo. I found that the GWAR crowd varies by city. In Baltimore, it seemed everyone was looking for a fight. Someone with a (real) bloody nose was being forcibly ejected from the bar before I even got in. The DC crowd is much more docile, but still there to rock out. Sometimes I wonder if some of them are there ironically, or curious for a break from the wonky life. GWAR is from Richmond, so this was their home turf crowd. I was very pleasantly surprised. There were many, many tried and true GWAR fans spending their New Years at the National, and I felt like I fit right in. (This was my fourth GWAR show, so I consider myself a true scumdog now)


Since I’m a huge playmobil fan, I wanted to share my custom scumdog Playmetheus. I brought him to the gig, and you can see a pic in the gallery below where I posed him on one of those bastard gargoyles while in the pit.

12312015 - GWAR NYE-170-2
I brought along my compatriot Joshua to cover the show for our sister site Swing by and check out his write-up and gallery of pics.

I still think there’s nothing better when GWAR sings Meat Sandwich live. Less than 24 hours later I was watching Matilda the Musical with my family at the Kennedy Center Opera House in DC. The children did a great job, but it didn’t quite hit the high-points of Meat Sandwich. Maybe if they attempted Genocide… who knows.


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