Pacific Rim Uprising figures from Diamond Select Toys

Pacific Rim Uprising smashed into theaters this Spring and Diamond Select Toys wants to keep you well-stocked in jagers to fend off the approaching kaiju. We got to take a look at Gipsy Avenger, Saber Athena, and Bracer Phoenix from Wave 1. Click below to see some sweet shots and read what we thought.


Gipsy Avenger leads the pack. A natural evolution to the first film’s Gipsy Danger, Uprising‘s flagship jager is piloted by Jake Pentecost and comes with tons of interchangeable arm weapons. The pop-out sword is present, and the hand that splits to become a plasma canon, but we also get twin chainsaws. There is also a pair of closed fists and open hands that can be switched out. The weapon arms pop out at the elbow.

We really liked the sturdiness of the figure and amount of articulation. The knees are double jointed so it can really flex without compromising too much of the film’s design. The paint application is fantastic. The colors reflect the look of the film, but there’s also a fair amount of weathering that help them look like mighty mech suits and not just human-sized robots.

The bulky Bracer Phoenix has a great presence. His legs have that “backwards knee” style joint. He doesn’t have any interchangeable arms, but he does come with a pair of open hands and closed fists that can be switched out. All of these figures feature head, shoulder, elbow, wrist, ribcage, hip, knee and ankle joints. Some more than others.


We found all the joints to be reasonably tight that you can get them in position and it’ll hold. You can tell the sculpt is the priority, but the articulation isn’t lacking. We found we could get quite a bit of cool poses from the film. They can look pretty intimidating on your shelf. The sculpts and paint applications are top notch.


Saber Athena has a sleeker, more svelte profile. We love the twin blades. You get hands that can hold the sabers and open/pointy hands with this set, as well as the combined mega blade. It worked out pretty well to get Athena to hold the big saber with both hands.


After handling these and posing these for over a week, these Uprising figures are great as display pieces. You can get some decent poses, and they’ll hold them. The remind me of the Armored Core II robots from ARTFX that came out, dammit, around 20 years ago. I still have those on my shelf, and these really reminded of those in the handling and solidity of the plastic. I wouldn’t give these to younger kids to knock around with. They’re certainly durable, but the beauty is in the presence they have in your collection. They’re between 6 and 8 inches and are solid.

This series is slightly smaller than the first run of Pacific Rim figures by NECA (closer to 8 and 9 inches) and slightly larger than the other Uprising figures from Bandai. Side by side the paint and weathering is better on these DST figures than the Bandai line.


Full disclosure, we were provided these to review. You can pick up each one for around $30 online, and we’re defintely looking forward to Wave 2, and the Kaiju that Diamond Select has planned for later this summer.

Pacific Rim Uprising – DST

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