Perplexus Game Maze Review

Do you enjoy being challenged and frustrated at the same time by a puzzle? The Perplexus Game Maze, made by PlaSmart Inc. is a very entertaining puzzle disguised as a toy. Don’t tell the kids!

The Perplexus is a self contained puzzle built inside a plastic sphere. The object is to maneuver a tiny ball throughout the maze by turning the puzzle up, down, right, left, and around. The maze consists of challenging barriers with various tracks providing a three dimensional experience.

To begin you tilt the game to allow the ball to fall into any of the three starting tracks you would like to attempt. Right away you are challenged in keeping the ball absolutely still while you carefully rotate and shift the ball to continue on the track. If you turn the game to much, the ball will fall off the track forcing you to start over.

I hate puzzles. I hated them as a kid, and I really don’t care for them as an adult. I also hated toys were disguised as educational toys. Unless it is done right, kids aren’t stupid, they know when your trying to teach them something. Luckily for me the Perplexus is more like a game than a puzzle.

Overall I would definitely recommend Perplexus. The game is a self contained ball with no extra pieces to worry about. The game also doesn’t take batteries! For kids this is a great way to teach them some good motor and dexterity skills. Kids will love it, just don’t tell them its educational!

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