Pixar Short Films Collection Volume 2 Blu-ray DVD Review


Not only does Pixar create amazing films, but the short films that proceed the features are just as entertaining. The shorts are magical pieces of storytelling that put together on one DVD makes it an easy way to watch all of them easily.

That’s right these have all been released before, but in order to watch them you need to pull out all of the latest Pixar films, watch one, remove it from the player, and insert another. You also have to find a way to skip the Disney trailers and commercials. I also have to wonder who really wants to admit they own Cars 2?

Not all of the shorts have been released before. Pixar fans will also enjoy the supplement features. So here is what you get:

  • Your Friend the Rat features Reme and Emile from Ratatouille telling the story of the history of the rat.
  • BURN-E features a repair robot named BURN-E attempting to fix a light, that is intercut with scenes from WALL-E.
  • Presto features a stage magician and his very hungry rabbit.
  • Partly Cloudy tells the story of a stork delivering Dumbo, and exploring where the birds get the babies from they deliver.
  • Doug’s Special Mission details what Dug was actually doing on his mysterious mission.
  • Toy Story’s Hawaiian Vacation shows Ken and Barbie’s romantic vacation.
  • Small Fry features a mini-Buzz Lightyear who tries to convince the toys he’s the real Buzz.
  • Also included is the short Day & Night that preceded Toy Story 3 theatrically.
  • Two Cars shorts featuring Mater learning to fly and traveling through time.
  • La Luna, featuring a grandfather and father teaching their son / grandson how to clean falling stars off the moon.

Special Features:

  • All twelve shorts have director commentary
  • Seven student films from Pixar Directors

All of these shorts look amazing in Blu-ray. Vibrant colors and sharp details just add to fantastic short stories. If you have all of the lasted Pixar DVD’s then you own most of them, but I don’t think I will ever just load a DVD to watch a specific short. Putting these together just makes sense.

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