Playmobil in the studio


I got some sweet playmobil sets for Christmas, including this shuttle and launchpad. A friend of ours has a fog machine so I thought I’d take over a handful of sets and try out how the fog works in a studio setting. Click below for more pics and get excited for Toy Fair!

Carabinieri special police

When my wife went on holiday in Rome, I had my eyes peeled for this Italian exclusive Carabinieri (or Special Police) officer. It only took 3 toy stores to find it! The real trick was clicking the shutter right when his siren was going off.


I snagged this night watchman from the playmobil direct service shop. I wanted foggy ambiance, but not have him obscured. I also like the film-like qualities to this image.


Another pic of my favorite rocker Slash. The laser beams work very well in the fog. I didn’t notice that his hand had let go of his guitar until after we packed it all up, but this was my favorite shot with the lasers interacting with the fog.


I didn’t need fog for this one. Here is the brand new Porche for 2016. It’s a beaut. I’m headed to the Washington Auto Show next week, so stay tuned for more cool car pics if that’s your thing. I tried all kinds of ways to light this one up, but I found one strong light from above did the trick. Here’s the set up.

Just a battery operated LED panel. I put the camera on a tripod so I could focus on where I was holding the light. The reflective base is just black granite tile from Home Depto.

Here is a gallery of all the studio playmobil photos. Toy Fair and Auto Show pics coming soon!

Playmobil Studio

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