Repro-D2 (step by step)

I’ve been surviving quarantine by purchasing vintage toys and taking studio photos. I felt like my original Kenner R2-D2 was showing his age and wasn’t looking his best in photos. It worked great for Dagobah and some Tatooine photos, but if I were to properly emulate Kim Simmons’ catalog photos, he would appear pristine. I found a beater R2 at a comic shop for $10 and finally got around to restoring him. I 3D printed a third foot to boot. Click below for the step by step.

Here is Repro-D2 next to my original R2. As you can see, my original was well loved.

Here is the how the beater looked when I got him for $10. His head still makes a clicky sound (kinda) and he has his sensor scope, but it’s pretty loose.
I removed the decal and printed up one I found online onto Avery label paper. You can get one here: toy Polloi repro R2 decal.
I also added clear packing tape to laminate it and give it some sheen.
Its difficult to photograph, but I did use the Molotow Silver Mirror pen to touch up the dome. It went on real easy and looks great. I’m very happy with this pen and have been using it on other toys.
But I’m not done! I’ve always wanted an appropriate third foot for R2. He looks awkward in some photos (like on sand) where he is supposedly scooting around on only 2 feet. There was an STL file of a foot in a 3D R2 model I purchased. I had that printed it out and looked great. I sanded it just a little bit and then hot glued a neodymium magnet to the top. I then stuck a simple nut to it added a generous amount of hot glue to that and then inserted it underneath. Once the hot glue dried, the foot clicks right into place, but can be removed. This is exactly what I wanted the end result to be.
And there he is with a vintage C3-P0. Looking good! Stay tuned for some fun photo-shoots coming up. And check out more of my vintage Star Wars photography below. Also, give us a follow on Instagram: @MillionairePb. If you like restoration projects, check out my Restoration of a vintage 80s Castle Grayskull

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