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Some of you have never heard or even seen an episode of Salute Your Shorts. For those of you poor bastards who were deprived of this show, I have created a Salute Your Shorts FAQ:

What is Salute Your Shorts?
Salute Your Shorts is a early 90’s cable show that aired for two seasons on Nickelodeon. The cable channel began producing a number of good shows with kids as the stars. They were labeled “Nickcoms”

Was that the show with the two brothers named Pete?
No, that was the other good Nickcom called The Adventures of Pete and Pete. There was also Clarissa Explains it All, You Can’t Do That on Television and the most boring sitcom on the planet, Hey Dude!


What was the show about?
Seven kids attending camp during the longest summer ever.

What was the show “really about?”
A great excuse for burp, fart jokes, and having kids say dirty things from time to time, but really it was about kids at camp.

Who were the campers of the show?
Budnick, Sponge, Donkeylips, Dina, Z.Z., Telly, and Michael. The character of Michael didn’t return in season 2. He was replaced with Pinsky.

Why does everybody have such strange names?
Most of the characters either had a nickname or went by their last name. It was rare that they ever mentioned their first names. For instance Donkeylips full name was Eddie Gelfen. Budnick was Robert Budnick, and Pinksy was Ronald Pinksy.

What was Sponge’s real name?
Sponge was the only character whose real name we never learned. If I were to guess I would say something dorky like Gilbert or Harold.

Danny Cooksey from T2

Didn’t I see that character Budnick somewhere before?
Probably. Budnick was played by Danny Cooksey. He played Sam on Different Strokes when he was real young. He also played John Conners friend in Terminator 2.

Didn’t I see the girl Dina selling Noxzema?
Yes, that is Heidi Lucas. For two years she was the Noxzema girl. She also appeared on Boy Meets World.

So why did the character Michael not return for season 2?
The character of Michael left camp because of chicken pox. This is because the actor Eric MacArthur (who played Michael) left the show. The official reason was that Eric decided not to do return to the series after the first season. The character Pinksy arrived as the new camper replacing the character of Michael. He was portrayed by Blake Soper.

What is the deal with Pinskys Love for his Salami?
Every guy loves their salami! We are very protective of it. Guys enjoy putting their salami into things. For instance, Pinsky enjoys putting his in a football. To each his own

What happened to Budnicks mullet?
Somewhere between season 1 and 2 Bobby Budnick lost his red haired mullet. Either he got wise that mullets were out of style, or he no longer needed to portray business in the front and party in the back. My guess would be he shot season 1 and Terminator 2 around the same time. This was the look he had for the film.


Does anybody take care of these kids?
Good question. The camp is run by the director Dr. Khan. He’s never seen. Kevin “Ug” Lee is the head counselor in charge. He’s not a very stable man. I would think the kids would be better off without him at times.

What does Dr. Khan really look like?
Nobody knows what Dr. Khan really looks like except for his niece Ellen, and Kevin “Ug” Lee. The question you really should be asking is, Does he really exist? Could it be something like the Wizard of Oz, and that Kevin is really him? If he does exist my guess is that he would look like Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget.

What the heck is an awful waffle?
An awful waffle involves putting a tennis racket on an individuals naked stomach. You then proceed to pour maple syrup all over the racket. The awful waffle can also incorporate the use of sandpaper and whipped cream.

Salute Your Shorts Zeke the Plumber

Who is Zeke the Plumber?
Zeke the Plumber is the Freddy Kruger of custodians. The story says that Zeke lost his nose in an accident long ago. Years later he was unable to smell a gas leak. He makes a mistake and lights a match. The only thing that was left was his toilet plunger. Now he haunts campers dreams.

Why was the show canceled?
No official reason was ever given. Nickelodeon continued to rerun the shows over and over again. Look for the reason Trevor Eyster provides in our 3-part interview.

What are the cast members doing now?
We are covering this throughout the week. A few of the cast is still in the business and some have moved on to other things. A couple have left the public spotlight. However, if you do a search you will find a number of the cast. Be considerate. The cast have personal lives just like you.

Why isn’t the show on DVD?
Short answer: Money. Long answer: Paramount owns the right to all of the Nickcoms. A few years ago they began to release Clarissa Explains it All and The Adventures of Pete and Pete. These were the most popular shows on Nickelodeon. Sadly, the DVD’s fail to sell enough copies for Paramount to consider this a success. They never finished releasing all of the season box sets. If these were successful we would have seen the show on DVD a long time ago. Read our interview with Trevor Eyster on his determination to have the show released.

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