Seven Essential Creepy Action Figures

It’s Halloween time, so we’re going to look at seven of the creepiest, scariest, weirdest action figures we’ve ever come across. And there are plenty of figures and collectibles that take the obvious route with lots of gore and horrifying faces. These are some of the non-obvious choices, that still give us the heebie jeebies.

7. Twilight Zone Gremlin (Sideshow Toy)
This spot-on Gremlin from the classic Twilight Zone episode with a pre-bloat William Shatner gives us the willies. Is it the glare? The intent to harm? Or knowing that if you’re seeing this little guy, you’re obviously insane? I think it’s the dated make-up and costume (what was it originally? A carpet?) we fear what we don’t understand. Hockey mask….. I get it… scary… but what the hell is this guy wearing? I have no idea, so I’m terrified. But here’s a note to Sideshow, make a life-size replica of that other Shatner episode, where that little devil box tells him the future. That is the ultimate in creepy cool. Read more…

6. Stretch Screamer Purple Alien
This is one of my favorites. I love his size, almost 18″. Ok, so he’s not give-you-nightmares scary, but when you squeeze his chest, his brains pop out of the top of his skull and he screams. That’s kinda cool, and guilt inducing at the same time. He also screams when you stretch his arms and legs. Awesome.

5. Littlest Pet Shop (Hasbro)
AUGH! These things really freak me out. It’s a general rule in the art/toy world that the larger the eyes, the cuter and more attractive it is to little children, but I think they took it too far. Way too far. It looks like someone stepped on their tail at birth, squeezing their eyes to the extreme. More like Littlest Pet Shop of Horrors.

5. Any of the Puppet Master dolls
It doesn’t help that they’re in scale to the actual puppets that came alive and tried to kill you. I don’t know how you could sleep with these in the room… or even in your house. With their deep unblinking stare, its easy to think that they are alive and ready to kill. Maybe I’ll leave these outside of my son’s room when he’s old enough to start trying to sneak midnight snacks.

4. Dissect an Alien (Mattel)
This was one of those toys growing up that my mom never let into the house. So I had to wait until I was an adult and grab it off of eBay. It is very disgusting. You slice open this 7″ plastic and rubber alien and remove all of his insides, and hopefully you packed in some slime, so as you pull out the guts, there’s lots of goo getting all over the place. The guts are all sculpted with little nooks and crannies to especially grab the slime. Nice touch. But’s that masochistic smile that the alien has, watching, as you rip up his innards, that truly haunts me. (More pics)

3. (Innocent face) Chucky
Yeah, there’s scary face Chucky… he looks like he’s ready to kill… but its the innocent faced Chucky, the one that hasn’t yet revealed its nature, the one that is being trusted by small children and parents everywhere. He looks like an innocent child… you can understand a creepy angry-faced monster being a deadly threat, but not a cuddly innocent child. THAT’s the one that scares me.

2. Creepy Playmobil
You know I loooove playmobil, so it only stands that there are playmobil that haunt my dreams. The Axe Man’s happy grin is covered by a blood red hood. That ominous stare is now even more judgemental. Whenever a toy sins, this is the last face they see. (See more Playmobil reviews)

1. Dero Bear (STRANGEco)
WAaaaaaaaaaa! These teddy bears with teeth trump the Puppet Master dolls for the “Most Likely to Kill You While You Sleep” award. At least I can just turn of the lights and WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! There’s a glow-in-the-dark version! Can’t sleep! Bears will eat me! (More pics!)

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