SLASH with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators


Slash kicked off his US tour with Myles Kennedy & the Conspirators Thursday night in Baltimore at Ram’s Head Live. If you had any doubts, they were quickly melted away with Slash’s amazing shredding, and powerful vocals by Myles Kennedy. Click below for more photos!

Slash on the metro
They mainly played fan favorite songs from Velvet Revolver and GNR, but they included a couple from their upcoming album Apocalyptic Love. I wasn’t familiar with Myles Kennedy prior. He appeared with the remnants of Guns n Roses to perform at their Rock n Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony that just premiered on HBO this past weekend. Myles has most definitely “got it” as a lead singer. He’s not simply padding for Slash. He’s brings it in his own right, belting it out and keeping the audience flying. Myles even co-wrote most of the songs on the new album with Slash.


As a child of the 80s, Guns’n Roses was the coolest of the cool. While you had bands that wanted to look the part with the hair and leather, GNR was rock n’roll. They taught us how to rock, and rock hard. Since then, Slash has moved around a bit, between the Snakepit and Velvet Revolver. Axl has even tried to dust off his bandanas and show the world that he was still relevant (the jury is still out for debate on that one.) But Slash knows what he’s doing when he gets on the road. I was very, very satisfied with this show. He pairs up with great talent (the Conspirators were great, love their drummer), and then works with them accordingly so you don’t feel like you’re just watching Slash and a bunch of dudes.

Keep an eye out for the new CD/download, and prepare to be rocked the f out. Check out my kick-ass pics from the pit below. You can see me reflected in Slash’s glasses in one of them. I even nabbed a pic of the set list too. And swing by to catch upcoming dates and buy official merch.

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