Star Wars Probe Droid from Attakus

You have been waiting for a long time on this one… The PROBE DROID is about to enter earth’s atmosphere!

Attakus is proud to announce the release of this long awaited statue.

The Probe Droid never done before, by any other company in a full size resin statue. The technical achievement is quite impressive.

The Probe Droid is specially designed for deep space exploration and reconnaissance. They are employed in science and military applications. They gather information and transmit it to their masters over vast distances. Tenacious hunters and searchers, probe droids have a variety of sensors.


  • Title:    PROBE DROID
  • Reference:   C137
  • Limited to:   750 copies worldwide
  • SRP:    775 US
  • Size:    statue stands 17″ / 42 cm + 4″/ 10 cm for the antennas
  • Availability:   North America Mid- November 2009
  • Pre-orders: Available until September 1st

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