Summer is here! Let’s go camping!


Today is the official first day of summer. For some reason, summer always makes me nostalgic. So, let’s look back at a cool summer toy: The Fisher Price Play Family Camper.


The Fisher Price Play Family camper was released by Fisher Price in 1973, as part of the Little People line. It comes loaded with accessories, including a fishing boat that fits on top of the camper, a motorcycle, tables and chairs, a removable toilet and sink (so the family can do their business outside), and a BBQ grill.


Included with the set is the family: dad, mom (curvy with heavy lipstick), daughter, son, and the rascally family dog. As if that is not enough, the camper is attached to a yellow plastic cord that children could use to roll the family around. As the wheels move they make a comforting, clicking sound.


Fisher Price discontinued the set in 1976. Even though it was intended for wee little kids, this is a cool collectible. However, because there are so many small pieces that could get lost, it is quite difficult to find a complete set. The one pictured here is complete, with the exception of foam beds at the top of the camper, which disintegrated.


If there is a great toy that makes you nostalgic, let us know. Happy summertime!


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