Superman II, Filming Location

Last week I went on vacation with the family up to Niagara Falls, Ontario. (sorry for lack of posts last week) While around Niagara Falls, I couldn’t help but think about my favorite superhero film, Superman II. In the late ’70s Richard Lester filmed parts of Superman II up in Niagara. Looking on the web there has never really been a discussion of this location.

In the film Clark and Lois head up to the falls on assignment to research honeymoon locations. Two scenes were filmed in the area. The first is by the falls where Superman saves the stupid kid playing on the outside railings. The second is where Lois tests her theory that Clark is Superman. That scene takes place in the White Water Walk a few miles from the falls.

When Lois jumps into the rapids she does it from the boardwalk entrance platform. The entrance shelter is virtually unchanged. The boats are gone, and the benches have been changed, but the awning is very similar. The map that Clark looks at in the beginning of the scene is now in the entrance tunnel. I’m kicking myself that I didn’t take a shot of this.

The hardest part was finding the shore location where Clark “attempts” to pull Lois out of the rapids. After looking at the entire shore I was able to find two rocks that resemble the scene. Over time erosion has really changed the size and location of the rocks, however it is still recognizable. If you watch the film its pretty obvious that some of the rapid scenes were filmed elsewhere. I highly doubt that they would throw Margot Kidder into those rapids.

If your heading to Niagara Falls check out this location. It’s a nice walk, and it is a great film location!

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