Supervixen! Garbage performs at Fillmore Silver Spring

If you are a Garbage fan and you are only happy when it rains then last night gave you a one-two punch to heaven. Rain coming down outside and Garbage on stage, it was a good night to be out. Click below for more.

What better way to start the show than with Shirley and the gang blasting out “Supervixen.” If there was ever any doubt as to the vixens power and ability to mesmerize the audience it was surely washed away with the rain. Their first show at the Fillmore and the first track off their debut album, and it only grew from there.

Garbage spent the next 2 hours belting song after song, with a set list numbering the legal drinking age. It might have been raining outside but it was storming inside. At one point Shirley stopped the show because someone in the audience was causing problems. Manson has been known to have someone kicked out for their actions and it almost came to that again. After a brief interaction and things ready to return to normal Shirley had to clear the ‘bad juju’ and broke out with a little of Die Antwoord’s “I Fink U Freeky.” With the unplanned interlude done they exploded back to their set and kept the crowd moving until the final note was done.

Garbage proved once again that, despite the years and Shirley’s initial fears when reforming the band, they know how to grab a crowd and take them on an adventure through their musical history but return them safely back when all is said and done.

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