Symbiotes are cool new figures that all use the same head, body and arms. Designed by legendary artist Curt Rapala, each figure is a character that is created in a stylized way. Wave One includes Dr. Tran, Ninja, Pirate and six blank color varieties.


Symbiotes are in the same height and scale as other “Mighty” competitors products. They also have accessories that are interchangeable with our competitors products. Have no idea what competing product we are talking about? Well, then our mind control is complete!

Each Symbiote comes with four interchangeable hands, and two accessories.


Lead Designer: Joseph Reiter
Lead Artist: Curt Rapala
Edition Size: Wave 1: 150 to 300 pieces depending on style. Wave 2 (Marked): TBD.
Product Size: 6.5″ H
MSRP: $15 blank $20 licensed

Own your own Symbiote today or live a completely unfulfilled life! 

You can purchase your own Symbiote at

Look for a Contest to win a Symbiote tomorrow!

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