Grail Acquisition: Vintage Dagobah Playset

When I was a kid I always wanted “Yoda’s House” playset; this was one of the mighty grails that I never got. But now I’ve restored one and collected all the figures on the packaging, I’m ready to celebrate and show off. I had been eyeballing purchasing a vintage Dagobah playset for some time, but it was finding a mostly complete set with a box in good condition that made this too hard to pass up. Not only is the box in reasonable condition, but I love the retail stickers on it. Not only was this particular box clearanced, it ended seems it ended up at $3! THREE DOLLARS?! Holy crap.

Click below for a ton more pics, including my attempt at recreating this packaging shot.
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Cobra Commander UNMASKED!

Cobra Commander

Our friends over at posted a video of the 12 inch Cobra Commander from the film G.I.-JOE: The Rise of Cobra unmasked. If you don’t want to be spoiled then stop reading. Otherwise, prepare to say WHAT THE F@CK! Video after the jump.

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Free Nick Fury Action Figure

munickfury2 is proud to announce that new and renewing subscribers to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited will receive an exclusive, all-new Hasbro Marvel Universe Nick Fury action figure! Inspired by his dramatic return in Secret Invasion, this all new figure features the kind of weaponry Fury needs to repel a Skrull invasion – or any other unlucky enemy crossing his path! Just sign up or renew a subscription and you can add Nick Fury to your collection of Marvel action figures!

To get your Nick Fury Action Figure:

  1. Visit
  2. Select and purchase a subscription to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited™ from the drop down to the right. All subscribers get the hassle-free advantage of the Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited Automatic Renewal Program.
  3. Pay US $4.99 for shipping and handling ($6.99 Canadian). Write a check or money order to “Figure Redemption, Inc.”
  4. Fill out and mail the certificate. When you finish subscribing, you’ll receive a confirmation number and a printable certificate. Mail it to the address provided and include your check or money order for $4.99. Must be postmarked by 1/15/2010.

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Fail Blog: Action Figure Fail


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First Look at Destro from the GI-JOE Film


Leave it to ebay to give us a sneak peek at Destro from the upcoming film GI JOE: The Rise of Cobra. Destro, Zartan, and Cobra Commander were not on display at Toy Fair. It’s obvious the film-makers are making them the big reveal. A seller on e-Bay is now selling Destro figures early and un-carded. They also have some really good deals to build troops with.

I’m happy that figure design is keeping with the basic look of the character. I do wish that his helmet was chrome plated instead of the painted gray we see here. The figure is sporting some nice parachute pants though. I am hoping the film will be good. I can forsee the film going the same way as Transformers. Down the toilet.

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Mattel DC Universe Infinite Heroes Crisis Series


Mattel’s newest addition to the DC Universe line is the Crisis Series.  Crisis takes the DC classic line characters and scales them down to 3.75 inch scale. Characters included in the Infinite Heroes line will not be in the Classics line this year. This will avoid  having duplicates of the same character on toy shelves.  Figures are available in single carded and three-pack figures.

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First Look: Playmates Star Trek Action Figures


Playmates released and early look at the J. J. Abrams Star Trek film action figures from Playmates. The new line hits stores starting April 19,  that will be available in 3¾-inch ($7), 6-inch ($9-$10) and 12-inch ($30) sizes. They are also producing a figure of the Leonard Nimoy Spock. The Enterprise Bridge and Transporter Room playsets will also be available.

The Star Trek line is returning to Playmates. My initial thoughts?  This isn’t a terrible decision for collectors, but a great decision to get these figures into a broader market.  I couldn’t imagine topping the figures from Diamond Select Toys. Seeing this first image I’m not surprised they look like the Star Trek line of the 90’s.

I’m not sure how I feel about revamping Star Trek to begin with. Here is hoping that the film will allow Star Trek to return to television.

USA Today has a nice look at all of the new Star Trek toys. Check out the exclusive pictures.

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