R2-3X (300% 3D Printed R2-D2)

I’m starting to dabble in the world of Kenner-style Star Wars customs, after restoring a rough 3.75″ R2-D2, dubbed Repro-D2, I got the bug and wanted a slightly larger project. 3 times as large. I purchased an STL file of the original Kenner R2 and had it 3D printed at 300%, roughly the size of a beer can. This size allows for cool photos, that would be impossible to take with an original size R2 action figure. Read on for some progress photos during construction, and more creative photography with my R2-3X.
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Repro-D2 (step by step)

I’ve been surviving quarantine by purchasing vintage toys and taking studio photos. I felt like my original Kenner R2-D2 was showing his age and wasn’t looking his best in photos. It worked great for Dagobah and some Tatooine photos, but if I were to properly emulate Kim Simmons’ catalog photos, he would appear pristine. I found a beater R2 at a comic shop for $10 and finally got around to restoring him. I 3D printed a third foot to boot. Click below for the step by step.
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