Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – With more action and more thrills, TRANSFORMERS: Revenge of the Fallen captivated audiences to earn over $820 million at the box office and become the #1 movie of the year in North America and throughout the world. The latest spectacular adventure in the wildly popular TRANSFORMERS franchise will make its highly-anticipated DVD and Blu-ray debut on October 20, 2009 in immersive, two-disc Special Editions, as well as on a single disc DVD, from DreamWorks Pictures and Paramount Pictures in association with Hasbro; distributed by Paramount Home Entertainment. The eagerly-awaited home entertainment premiere will be accompanied by one of the division’s biggest marketing campaigns ever, generating awareness and excitement of galactic proportions.

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Harry Potter Extended Versions?


Rumors have been circulating that the new Ultimate Blu-Ray Harry Potter DVDs are extended versions of the films. While it would be awesome to have extended Harry Potter films, I don’t think there is enough footage to use. The first two film only had a few minutes of cut scenes that were included on the original DVDs. Could there be even more scenes that we have never seen? Doubtful. This sounds like bullshit to me.

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Star Trek Films on Blu-Ray

Star Trek

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – In anticipation of the home entertainment debut of J.J. Abrams’ thrilling reinvention of the STAR TREK franchise, Paramount Home Entertainment will give audiences the chance to revisit where it all began with a galaxy full of new DVD and Blu-ray releases.  Docking on September 22, 2009 are the STAR TREK: ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE COLLECTION on DVD, which includes the first six “Star Trek” films and loads of special features; the STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION MOTION PICTURE COLLECTION on DVD and for the first time on Blu-ray, featuring the four “Star Trek” films starring the Next Generation crew with new special features, plus a bonus disc with over an hour of additional content; STAR TREK: THE ORIGINAL SERIES Season Two on Blu-ray in high definition for the first time ever; plus The Wrath of Khan, The Voyage Home, The Undiscovered Country and First Contact all available individually on DVD and Blu-ray.
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Star Trek

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – This year audiences thrilled at the triumphant voyage of the Starship Enterprise and her young and vibrant crew in movie theaters across the planet—and on November 17, 2009, the world will go where no one has gone before when STAR TREK debuts as a three-disc Blu-ray with digital copy, two-disc DVD with digital copy and a single-disc DVD from Paramount Home Entertainment.  Bursting with “spectacular action” (Hollywood Reporter) and “pure filmmaking exhilaration” (Rolling Stone) director J.J. Abrams’ sensational reinvention of the “Star Trek” franchise was hailed by critics and embraced by long-time and new fans alike, earning over $375 million at the worldwide box office.  Starring a hot young cast including Chris Pine (Carriers), Zachary Quinto (”Heroes”), Zoe Saldana (Avatar), Karl Urban (The Bourne Supremacy), John Cho (Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle), Anton Yelchin (Terminator Salvation) and Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead), the global smash hit also features seasoned actors such as Eric Bana (Munich), Bruce Greenwood (National Treasure: Book of Secrets), Winona Ryder (Girl, Interrupted) and the original Spock himself, Leonard Nimoy.

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DollHouse on Blu-Ray!

– In a city of millions, many souls get lost… Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment presents a glimpse into a world where the wealthy, powerful and connected come to play when “Dollhouse” Season One becomes “active” on Blu-ray and DVD July 28. From the mind of Joss Whedon, the creator of groundbreaking cult favorites “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” and “Firefly,” “Dollhouse” stars Eliza Dushku (“Buffy The Vampire Slayer,” “Tru Calling”) as Echo, just one member working for an illegal underground organization that implants employees with false memories and skills in order to perform various missions and dangerous tasks. These “dolls” can become anything that anyone desires; a lover, a fighter, an assassin, even a best friend. Once their assignment is complete, their memories are wiped clean and they are released back into the “Dollhouse” to cohabitate with their fellow colleagues under the watchful eye of those in charge. But Echo is slowly starting to become aware of herself and her surroundings… and one outsider will stop at nothing to bring the entire “Dollhouse” down.

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Star Trek Trilogy Blu-Ray


When we think of the big movie trilogys, we all think about  Star Wars, Back to the Future, and recently the Bourne films. What about Star Trek? With eleven films I can see why Star Trek may be overlooked. Starting with Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and its two sequels we have a three-part story that branches over three films.  As a trilogy these films work well together. It just happens that the trilogy starts with part 2! Paramount has now released the trilogy as a three disc collectors boxed set on Blu-ray

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Friday the 13th Un-Cut, Blu-Ray

What better time to re-release Friday the 13th! The new film hits theaters this Friday, and now for the first time we get the original Friday the 13th on Blu-ray. This version is also un-cut!!! Don’t get too excited about that until you read on:

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Serenity Blu-Ray DVD

Joss Whedon’s first epic feature follows from the canceled series Firefly, taking place shortly after the events of the final episode. Serenity tells the story of the Captain Malcom Reynolds and the crew of the transport and cargo ship Serenity. The crew begins to investigate the secrets of River Tam.
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Rent it or Buy it? Eagle Eye (Blu-ray)

Shia LaBeouf and Michelle Monagha are brought together and coerced by an anonymous caller into carrying out a plan by a possible terrorist organization.

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Rent it or Buy it? Ghost Town, Blu-ray

Ricky Gervais (The Office) plays Bertram Pincus, is a man has a hard time being social with people. After being clinically dead for seven minutes, he awakes to discover that he now has the ability to see ghosts.

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