The Great Salute Your Shorts Debate: Michael vs. Pinksy


In Season One, the new camper was the blond, athletic Michael Stein. In Season Two, after Michael left camp due to a case of the chicken pox, viewers were introduced to the floppy-haired, smooth talkin’ Ronnie Pinsky. Budnick ran both of their shorts up the flagpole. However, this is the only similarity between the two characters. SYS fans are divided, placing the debate over Michael and Pinksy alongside arguments about Mike vs. Joel and Claudia Wells vs. Elisabeth Shue.

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Salute Your Shorts Week Starts on Monday August 24th

Tim Eyster

Beginning Monday August 24th, we will be celebrate Salute Your Shorts week! We are huge fans of the show and want to celebrate its greatness! Throughout the week we remember the great Nickelodeon show with a series of nostalgic articles, camper of the day, and our exclusive 3-part interview with Trevor Eyster (formerly Tim)! Trevor, portrayed the geeky but lovable, brainy camper “Sponge Harris”. Trevor gives us a glimpse into the world of Salute Your Shorts, and some information about the long awaited Salute Your Shorts DVD!!!

Can’t wait for Salute Your Shorts week? Then join Trevor’s Sponge Facebook page.

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