Mega Bloks Halo Wars: Aerial Ambush

MegaBloks Aerial Assault

This was an interesting set for me to review. The reason? I have never played the game Halo. I don’t own an XBOX. I’m a Playstation fan.  I don’t even know anybody that owns one. I know its a shooting game. People love it. So when MEGA Bloks sent me the new Halo Wars sets I have to come clean:

I am a Halo virgin.

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LEGO Farm Available at


It’s always busy on the LEGO® City Farm!
The sun is rising, and it’s time for a brand new day on the farm! The farmer and his helpers get the tractor and trailer ready for the big harvest. Then it’s time to feed and milk the cows, empty the silo for market, and store the fresh hay bales in the barn!

  • Build a barn, cow shed, grain silo, riding mower and tractor with tilting wagon!
  • Includes cat, mouse, 2 cows, dog, farmer minifigure, girl minifigure, farmhand minifigure and accessories!
  • Raise the roof panels on the barn, empty the grain silo, use the winch and hook to move the hay bales or tilt the wagon!
  • Barn measures 6 inches (15cm) tall by 5 inches (12cm) wide; silo is more than 11 inches (27cm) tall!

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Toy Fair ’09 MegaBloks

View the Toy Fair ’09 MegaBloks Image Gallery

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LEGO Star Wars MagnaGuard Starfighter (7673)

Based on the box office numbers, it seems not many of you (including me) have seen the new Star Wars film, The Clone Wars. I can then assume you (like me) had no idea what the MagnaGuard Starfighter looked like, since it makes its first appearance in the film.

General Grievous’s MagnaGuards use this specialized starfighter to carry out the Generals orders. The fighter comes equipped with a lever-activated cockpit, an opening engine compartment, and a hidden missile launcher with flick-action rockets.

The 431 piece set took about 45 minutes to put together. The only annoyance is building the set is the repetitivness with the duplicate wings. The set is about 11″ wide and 10″ long, and is a pretty acurate representation of the ship used in the film.

The MagnaGuard Starfighter wouldn’t be the first set on my list to purchase. It’s not as cool as some of the other ships, but it does have some great features. I really like the lever activated cockpit. Instead of using the tired and boring old flip up cockpits used in the past. The cockpit now slides forward an up, allowing more room for the Magnaguard to sit in the cockpit. However, its a shame that the Magnaguard can’t sit without the cape. Behind the cockpit is a hidden compartment that you can open to launch 2 flick fire missiles.

On either wing is a missle with turret guns on the front. As I stated earlier the repetitivness of building the wings is boring, but the design of the little intricicies of the hoses and mechanics. In the back of each wing you can store the Magnaguard staffs. The set also comes complete with two mini-figure Magna Droids.

I was surprised how much I enjoyed the Magnagurad Starfighter set, for a ship that I have never seen in action. Based on images I have seen from the film, I found the look and feel of the ship to be pretty acurate. The new cockpit design, and the inclusion of the new Magna Droid figures makes this a great set.

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