Salute Your Shorts FAQ


Some of you have never heard or even seen an episode of Salute Your Shorts. For those of you poor bastards who were deprived of this show, I have created a Salute Your Shorts FAQ:

What is Salute Your Shorts?
Salute Your Shorts is a early 90’s cable show that aired for two seasons on Nickelodeon. The cable channel began producing a number of good shows with kids as the stars. They were labeled “Nickcoms”

Was that the show with the two brothers named Pete?
No, that was the other good Nickcom called The Adventures of Pete and Pete. There was also Clarissa Explains it All, You Can’t Do That on Television and the most boring sitcom on the planet, Hey Dude!

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Dr. Kahn’s Camper of the Day – Monday


Bobby Budnick

This is Dr. Kahn, your camp leader, with the Camp Anawanna camper profile of the day. Today’s camper is our resident troublemaker—Robert “Bobby” Budnick. He is known for his carefully crafted mullet and his love of camouflage coats and Megadeth. Be weary of his schemes and his crazy stories about Zeke the Plumber. Budnick is an expert at feigning sick and never passes up an opportunity to run a new kid’s shorts up the flagpole, much to the chagrin of his arch nemesis, counselor Kevin Lee. However, he knows his limits. At one time, he thought Dina was the perfect girl, but, in the end, he could not let her take away his most prized possession: his long red hair. He was last seen being pushed aside in a video arcade by the T-1000 in Terminator 2.

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