Nolan Casts Catwoman and Bane

It was announced yesterday that Anne Hathaway was cast as Catwoman, and Tom Hardy has been cast as Bane. I was expecting Catwoman to be part of the film. After the death of Rachel, Batman needed a new love interest. Bane was a surprise. I’m not a fan of the character, but I’m confident that Nolan knows what he is doing. I’m sure you will excuse the lack of Tom Hardy photos. The full press release after the jump along with more photos of Anne Hathaway

(Photo may possibly be NSFW):

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Gotham City Five: Catwoman

In the toy making world, it’s hard to choose between heroes and villains. Heroes are usually more popular, but they need someone to fight. It’s a tough decision. That’s why it’s a good thing Mattel chose 2 ½ heroes and 2 ½ villains for this set.

Selina Kyle was a child of the streets, growing into a beautiful and criminally skilled young woman. She became Catwoman, the most successful cat burglar Gotham City had ever known. Catwoman and Batman share a strange relationship, part adversarial, part flirtatious. Catwoman finds herself attracted to Batman… so much so that she sometimes finds herself working with him on the side of the angels.

Like everyone else in the set, Selina is a repaint. She was first featured in the last wave of DCSH, in the black catsuit the character has been wearing the last few years. This time, however, she’s purple.

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